Created by visual artist James Stutton, This Is Not Clothing uses clothes as wearable canvas, combining streetwear with contemporary paintings. 

James Stutton is celebrated as one of the most exciting and influential upcoming artists of the last years, breaking away from traditional boundaries in his artworks. Combining still and moving imagery, as well as working with 3D Scanning of real-life models, he creates multidimensional art pieces that represent and question today’s society.

Pushing the view on contemporary art and the interdependence of it in today’s society, James Stutton works and at the same time shows his works in art galleries like Joyce Gallery in Paris, through the fashion line and in conjunction with the This Is Not Clothing augmented reality app.

Stutton’s uniquely recognizable eye and the combination of streetwear and fine art make This Is Not Clothing one of the most exciting new labels of the past few years.

© This Is Not Clothing SS18 The Fall of Paradise

© This Is Not Clothing SS18 The Fall of Paradise

ThisIsNotClothing AW17

©This Is Not Clothing AW17



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