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Highlights of Blazé Milano’s Resort 2025 Collection, Mediterranean Suite

Close-up of models wearing MEDITERRANEAN SUITE, Blazé Milano Resort 2025 Collection

Smells of the Mediterranean maquis pervade the air, scents that come from the nearby orange groves, carried by the breeze at sunset and softened by notes of moss and rosemary. The notes of a faraway guitar reverberate from Iskele to Pafo, while on the patio of an ancient villa on a cliff’s edge, a woman rereads Vasilis Michaelides’s poems. She’s wearing a chemisier in crepe silk with a pleated effect in a pink darkened by the sand of the beaches of Yannakis, towards whose shores Blazé Milano has been led for its 2025 Resort Collection. Stay up to date on the latest in fashion, arts, beauty, and lifestyle by following FAB L’Style Magazine.

Mediterranean Essence

On the lookout for a Mediterranean essence that fuses and confuses with influences from the Near East, the hot season on an island far away from the usual routes becomes the perfect setting to give life to a collection tinted with nuances as delicate as beige, butter, oatmeal and powder blue, brightened by bronze, coral and amber hints. A chromatic material approach that looks at Gabriella Crespi’s design work, defining a precise, yet fleeting, femininity – like the one found in the Lovet single-breasted silk blazer without lapels. That’s how the Blazé woman moves, silently through the maze of corridors of the Buyuk Han, the old caravanserai in the northern part of Nicosia, now converted into a lively shopping area. She looks for spices or vintage jewellery to match the rigorous sensuality of the aubergine-coloured Ares blazer, inspired by old military uniforms, broad shoulders and shapes that hug the hips, soft lapels and wide sleeves that give the illusion of raglan.

Like in a Patrick Procktor painting, she sips a lemonade in a bar in Lemesos, savouring the salty air before taking cover from the sun underneath the portico, on the lookout for dusty old bric-a-brac shops. She wears loose cotton shorts and the Clio bomber jacket in cotton drill that reveals its identity through the Smiley pocket detail – a distinctive feature of Blazé garments. Aware of the island’s moody weather, she keeps a hooded parka in waterproof-coated linen in her wardrobe which she wears on top of a minidress made from a blend of silk and viscose with balloon sleeves. What defines it is a pinstripe motif that emphasises the perfect union between the masculine stylistic alphabet and the flirtatiousness of someone who knows how to smartly play with feminine stereotypes.

Her long-lasting love for denim has found newfound life in this setting, enhanced by the use of five regular pockets and a leopard print Berber shirt to be worn while visiting the ancient village of Choirokoitia, while dreaming about new travels and ancient dynasties, to then be back on time for the aperitif in her buen retiro. Knotted on the side, the Narciso shirt is there to bring to mind the draped tunics worn by pagan divinities. She wears soft suede straight-leg trousers and she pours herself a glass of Commandaria, the same passito wine that Hesiod would sip centuries before and that had lightened the wedding banquet of Richard the Lionheart’s, who called it the “king of wines”. Looking out to Aphrodite beach from her patio, she asks herself whether to stay or leave, following the floral notes and hints of moss she had inhaled by the seashore the first time she had disembarked on the island many years before. The answer will probably only be unveiled at the end of this new warm summer.

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