Hidden Sexuality


Hidden sexuality is a term usually used to throw light on the context of figures, statements, and images in cinema, literature and so on. For instance, Disney princesses are a permanent subject of such discussions.  However, hidden sexuality has another, more straight-forward context. The way a woman looks is the easiest way to define her character, mood, and her plans for the next several hours. Her expression of sexual energy is also sent through her choice of clothes.  It is evident in parts of the wardrobe that have changed through the years. Deep necklines, short dresses, and extremely high heels were an irreplaceable part of the sexual female image for a long time. Of course, even now these artifacts exist.

But, what has changed?  For starters, the female role and her place in society, in that she is independent and successful on her own.  A woman who supports herself in the world tends to carry herself with confidence.  When she dresses up, it is usually for herself.  Women have opportunity to realize their potential and fulfill their worth in a myriad of ways.  That’s why there are so many options for casual, comfortable clothes that don’t restrict movement.  Once upon a time, blood flow was so constricted to parts of the body and women would lose feeling in their feet and/or extremities.  My, how things have changed.

Today, sexuality is not seen.  It is conveyed through behavior and to a degree, choice of wardrobe.  Simple silhouettes and clear colors in high-quality fabrics, in symbiosis with luminous skin and a strong body are the essential features of hidden sexuality. A woman doesn’t have to accentuate her sexual energy anymore. Sexuality is simply felt in her spirit.  

Hidden Sexuality

Hidden SexualityHidden SexualityHidden Sexuality