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HÆRVÆRK vol. 3 SS18

With HÆRVÆRK, Niels Gundtoft Hansen also created the story of young, naïve kids in the ruff, industrial outskirts of Copenhagen. The ones, that might get overlooked quickly, that will be overseen in the glitz and the glamour of the royal palace. HAÆRVÆRK vol. 3, the first commercial collection, continues the story that started with the creation of HÆRVÆRK in 2016.

Last year, the crowd of Copenhagen Fashion Week mingled in a car factory in the outskirts of Copenhagen to see the ruff and unique creations of Gundtoft Hansen evolve in the gloomy yet sharp work lights of the car work garage. So this year, no one hesitated to go en route to the Bispebjerg Station in Copenhagen’s rough yet upcoming Nørrebro district. Nestled next to the station, under a motorway bridge between abandoned railways, HÆRVÆRK emerged into a fast, almost unreal presentation of its 3rd volume. With models pacing by, the audience was busy starring after one and expecting the next creation of jackets, trousers, and bags made of the universally known, yet in fashion not often used, material of harbor workers.

It is clear you were far away of the Hotel d’Anglettere’s sparkling chandeliers. Continuing with his aesthetic, Gundtoft Hansen created a collection of jackets, oversized trousers and enormous bags with an incredibly unique approach. It is definitely street style but even more, it is a much-welcomed approach to avant-garde fashion. Without going full overboard, he created pieces that are incredibly daring, sometimes shocking in their loss of “fashion” glamour but still so intoxicating and wearable, that in your mind you are wondering how to make it work for your own wardrobe. Aside from the sweaters with his signature HÆRVÆRK monogram, each and every piece has such a strong statement, that no matter how combined, it will stand out.

Focusing on menswear, Niels Gundtoft Hansen’s collection is surprisingly unisex. Maybe thanks to his approach towards avant-garde fashion and the overall “never seen before” effect, the pieces do not approach a certain gender but rather people with personality.

With his first commercial collection, HÆRVÆRK stayed amazingly true to its design and aesthetic while beautifully transforming it into a highly wearable collection.

Have a look at the backstage images, shot minutes before the HÆRVAÆRK show here.

all images © HÆRVÆRK

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