The Four Elements of Bitte Kai Rand


Every country has its go-to, well established ready-to-wear designer one can rely on. The one, that has it’s standing and reflects the local fashion industry. For Denmark, that might be Bitte Kai Rand.

The brand, established by Bitte Kai Rand and her husband in 1981, became a go-to designer in, and outside, of Denmark for its high-quality knitwear fashion as well as drape fashion, which might be the most loved aesthetic in Denmark.
The Bitte Kai Rand SS18 collection pays tribute to the four elements, that surround us day by day. Water, Earth, Fire, and Air were reinterpreted into a beautiful new collection with a wonderful mix of high-quality colors and a color palette from earthy tones to heavenly blue and different shades of red.

The Four Elements of Bitte Kai Rand
Bitte Kai Rand Copenhagen Fashion Week Spring Summer 2018

The Four Elements of Bitte Kai RandThe Four Elements of Bitte Kai Rand