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Fashion from the Maghreb: Explore the Emerging North African Designers Making a Splash in the Global Fashion Scene

Explore the Emerging North African Designers

Do you like kaftans and love to wear them? Did you even know that the kaftan is a traditional North African garment? Many fashion trends in North African countries are designs that draw inspiration from the region’s rich cultural heritage. The designs are always a unique blend of traditional and contemporary styles. One major reason for this blend is the desire to connect the past with the present. In many ways, North Africans try to have a decisive grasp on the cultural identity that they have carved for themselves over the years. This is reflected in their slow embrace of western fashion trends, opting to modernise many of their traditional styles instead.

Connecting the Past with the Present: How North African Fashion Blends Traditional and Contemporary Styles

The fashion industry in North Africa is growing very rapidly. It is a sector with many good designers, manufacturers, and retailers who are all making impacts in the region and beyond. One of the main features of the North African fashion industry, as we know it today, is the use of traditional fabrics and designs. And there are clear examples to justify this claim.

Let us start with the Moroccan and Tunisian traditional fabrics such as the djellaba, kaftan, and babouche shoes, which have now become popular among designers and consumers around the world. Though many of these designs and fabrics are traditional and have been in existence for ages, their modernisation to suit the elite taste of contemporary fashion trends has been the work of some designers. Many of these North African designers have incorporated local traditional embroidery techniques, such as the Algerian sfifa, into their works.

Zineb Britel: The Modernizer of Moroccan Babouche Slippers

The Moroccan fashion designer, whose brand Zyne has become synonymous with modern, sophisticated Moroccan footwear that celebrates traditional craftsmanship, is the first person on our list. Zineb is known for her innovative designs that bring a modern twist to traditional Moroccan footwear.

If you have seen Moroccan babouche slippers before, it is easier to identify Zyne as a brand. Zyne uses natural materials such as leather, silk, and wool to make handcrafted Moroccan babouche slippers.

Salah Barka: Blending Tunisian Traditions with Avant-Garde Design

Salah Barka is a popular costume designer in the theatre and film industries. He worked as a costume designer for the Star Wars film franchise. His work is said to be a journey between Tunisian traditions and contemporary society. This is why many of his projects try to modernise traditional Tunisian dresses. People have referred to Salah’s designs as a “cultural exchange,” and this is because Salah is known for his ability to blend different styles and cultures in his collections. In the Tunisian fashion industry, Barka’s designs are mostly about the development of “unique ethical styles” in Tunisia. Stay up to date on the newest in the world of Fashion, Arts, Beauty and Lifestyle; Follow FAB on Instagram.

In many of his interviews, Barka has often repeated that he started his career in the fashion industry at the age of fifteen as a model. In reference to many of his works, Salah is recognised as an avant-garde designer who loves to combine traditional craftsmanship with contemporary elements. His designs are known to often feature intricate patterns, bold colours, and unconventional silhouettes. Many of his collections have been exhibited and showcased at prestigious fashion events and runway shows, mostly under his Oshy brand.

Amine Bendriouich: The Moroccan Designer with a Distinctive and Modern Look

As a lover of fashion, a trip to Bendriouich’s Instagram page is an experience you will forever thank me for. Amine Bendriouich is a Moroccan fashion designer known for his unique style and innovative designs. He was born in Casablanca, Morocco, in 1987, and grew up in a family with a strong interest in art and design. Bendriouich’s designs are distinguished by their use of bright colors, intricate patterns, and playful details.

Amine Bendriouich frequently combines traditional Moroccan textiles and techniques with modern elements to create a distinctive and modern look. His designs have appeared at a number of international fashion shows and events, including Paris Fashion Week and London Fashion Week. Visit the Fab YouTube Channel to catch up on all the fashion week glamour.

Faiza Bouguessa: The Algerian Designer with a Distinct Fusion of Modern and Traditional Elements

Faiza Bouguessa is an Algerian fashion designer known for her modern and minimalist style. She was born in Algeria and raised in the United Arab Emirates. Bouguessa attended the École Supérieure des Arts et Techniques de la Mode (ESMOD) in Dubai to study fashion design.

Bouguessa launched her eponymous brand, BOUGUESSA, in 2014 after finishing her studies. Her designs are distinguished by clean lines, muted colors, and luxurious fabrics like silk, wool, and cashmere. She frequently incorporates traditional Middle Eastern motifs and techniques into her designs, resulting in a distinct fusion of modern and traditional elements.

Several international fashion shows and events, including Paris Fashion Week and Dubai Fashion Week, have featured Bouguessa’s designs. In one of her interviews, Bouguessa commented “my French Algerian heritage comes through a lot in my designs. French fashion is so effortless and sophisticated, and I want my designs to have that same sense of ease so they can be worn anywhere, anytime. It’s omnipresent through the fabrics, patterns, and shapes” Buoguessa’s works are very beautiful.

Many More Talented North African Designers to Discover

The above-mentioned names are a few of the many fashion designers of Northern African origin making waves in the fashion world. To have a closer look at their works, follow them on their social media handles.

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