5 Brazilian Designers that Will Stun You

5 Brazilian designers that will stun you

Maybe more than ever, Brazil is holding a worldwide fascination for its striking nature, fascinating culture and heartwarming hospitality. We looked deeper into the country and discovered for you 5 of the countries most striking Fashion brands.

Solaine Piccoli

For over 40 years, the ateliers of Solaine Piccoli, now in São Paolo, Porto Allegre and Vienna, make dreams come true. Without losing their tradition, Solaine and Garbielle Piccoli celebrate Bridal Couture with a mixture of modern elements, timeless cuts and the highest quality of materials. Every piece is handmade, from the direct draping techniques to handmade embordery.

Within the more than 40 years of the brands existence, the name Solaine Piccoli became a synonym for the highest form of bridal couture in Brazil.

© Sollaine Piccoli

Martha Medeiros

Handcrafted lace has a long-standing tradition in the north of Brazil, a craftsmanship that is almost getting lost. When starting her own label in Maceio, Martha Medeiros focused on her passion for handmade lace, that became her trademark element. Medeiros timeless elegant approach and use of rich, earthy colour represent her home area Alagaos in the North of Brazil. Mixing outlandish cuts in evening wear with simple patterns give her creations a timeless and elegant spirit.


Barbara Casasola embodies the “cool girl next door” aesthetic just like her eponymous label. Originally from Brazil, she is based with her label in Italy, from where she sells through some of the world’s top Multibrand Stores such as Net-a-Porter, Tsum and Just one eye.

Effortles chique and laid back elegance are the core design elements of Casasola. The high standards in knitwear and tailoring are the reasons Casasola is becoming an insider label all over the world.

Adriana Degreas

Growing up, Adriana Degreas has been surrounded by couture pieces from names like Alaïa in her parents Antique Shop as much as the work in their fabric factory, which pathed her way to becoming. Today, Adriana Degreas is one of the world’s leading luxury resort wear labels, most recognized and praised for it’s “new vintage” aesthetic and establishing the term “Bain Couture”.

Josh Santana

Based in the Netherlands, Brazil-born and raised Josh Santana has built up a resort wear label that strikes through alluring cuts and bold colours. Inspired by nature, culture and of course Brazil, Josh Santana brings a new, daring look to the European swimwear market.

Read more about Josh Santana here.

Josh Santana, a Brazilian Fashion Designer adding his own unique splash of color to European fashion
Josh Santana Classic Collection 2018