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Kreuzberg Street Style Waves Coming to Ku’damm Berlin with #Sustainability and D’amour!

Highlights from the #DAMUR AW24 collection during Berlin Fashion Week runway presentation
All images, Courtesy: Damur

Led by Damur Huang, the creative force behind #DAMUR, AW24 unfolds as a rebellion against contemporary fashion norms. The collection envisions a future where unconventional style reigns supreme, where societal boundaries fade away, allowing individuality to shine. The color palette, consisting of vibrant shades like scarlet, navy, and beige, emerges from fabrics such as fine corduroy, checkered jacquard, eco-leather, and street denim. The design recipe of bold and muted tones, hardness and softness, layers and cutouts celebrates uniqueness in a world of conformity.

The experimental spectacle begins as the futuristic LED lights atop NIO House Berlin illuminate the beats of electronic music, signaling the start of the runway show. Breaking away from tradition, the designer makes a daring move by staging the runway across two floors, with two models making distinct statements simultaneously. The music and choreography seamlessly transition, building up to the grand finale, where the culmination of looks seizes the audience’s focus in a crescendo of style and artistry. “Every fashion show is a ceremony to share our most intimate imagination through fashion creativity”, says Damur Huang. 

The AW24 collection explores a unique blend of the swinging 60’s and Berliner alternative makeup looks manifested by Pacouq with SHEGLAM beauty products, expressing a fusion of timelines. This deliberate juxtaposition challenges conventional notions of time and evolution, suggesting that the future is a reinterpretation of the past. From the lipsticks, eye looks, sunglasses, headscarves, polymer clay earrings and jacquard scarves, every detail and accessory has a story to tell in the runway look. A widely present detail in this collection is scarlet drawstrings, ornamenting the blazers and suit trousers in different ways and adding more depth to the fine jacquard, corduroy and denim fabrics form simple but eye-catching details, in contrast with the bare uniform patterns on the iconic #DAMUR cutout dresses and trench coats while other bolder and timeless checkered patterns of the streetwear category such as hoodie and fashion tops are reminiscent of different periods and show the versatility of the fabrics. 

The silhouettes of the designs are boxy and mature but the cutouts add a bold and attractive touch to the loose garments which allow room for comfort, revealing some skin and other layered pieces underneath, creating a variation of looks. To challenge the mature shapes of the pieces, the designer added daring emoji patches creating a fun way of self-expression and adding to the street fashion aspect of the brand, collection, and physical and digital world we are living in. Additionally, a pop of herbal green and culture orange shades celebrate the long-awaited streetwear drop of 4 unique runway looks in collaboration with Jägermeister Germany embodying freedom, adventure and imagination with a #HIGHENERGY, sustainable concept, designed in Germany and made in Europe.

“Embracing forward-thinking and sustainability is my lifelong commitment,” says Damur Huang. NIO House Berlin, located in the esteemed Ku’damm district, serves as the backdrop for #DAMUR’s fusion of high-end streetwear fashion. With its panoramic window overlooking Zoo Plaza and the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church, the venue perfectly captures the essence of Berlin’s contrasts – Modern and Alternative, Traditional and Futuristic, and Sexy and forward-thinking. That is why NIO House goes beyond being a simple venue, transforming into an immersive experience. Sleek NIO electric cars, symbols of cutting-edge technology, provide an unexpected yet fitting setting for the fashion showcase. This collaboration between #DAMUR and NIO represent a future where creativity, science, fashion, and technology seamlessly intertwine.

The integration of the innovative AR try-on technology — the unique Phygital Twins feature allowing the users to have access to a realistic digital try-on of the collection pieces — complements the interactive aspect of #DAMUR’s showcase, exemplified by unique QR-generated custom invitations: a glimpse into a future where technology blends with the fashion experience supported by Seamm. This is powered by MSI who played an important part in bringing this experience to reality by providing the necessary technical equipment. The show presentation, known for its energy, creativity, and passion, showcases an international mix of East and West, embodying #DAMUR’s fearless attitude and most importantly, a better and greener solution in fashion retail and customer experience.

Lastly, #DAMUR never disappoints with Berlin Fashion Love. Right after the runway show, the designer celebrates the 9 years of #DAMUR and starts with #IAMVERSATILE Exhibition Vernissage & Afterparty on Thursday, 08/02/24. Here, you’ll dance with your #HIGHENERGY alongside Jägermeister. Experience the future with RICHBOI周譽, a visionary rapper from Taiwan, and the versatile mixes of Jing Lekker, an international Taiwanese DJ whose aim is to bring diversity and freedom to the globe. A very special guest artist Mei Huang is also showcasing her #ARTISTIC journey with the unique art pieces which were in collaboration with #DAMUR and her live art performance during the vernissage. 

#DAMUR AW24 SHOW Presentation: 

Tuesday, 06/02/24 at 19:00 in NIO House Berlin. 

#IAMVERSATILE Exhibition Vernissage & Afterparty: 

Thursday, 08/02/24 at 18:00 ~ 23:00 in NIO House Berlin. 

The Exhibition is open to the public from Friday, 09/02/24 until Saturday, 02/03/24.

In collaboration with esteemed partners NIO, Jägermeister, MSI, and Seamm, #DAMUR’s showcase at AW24 Berlin Fashion Week gains added distinction. Jägermeister’s influence adds dynamic energy, complementing the vibrant atmosphere of #DAMUR’s presentation and the fashion collab drop can be expected in the coming May 2024. To ensure accessibility, a month-long exhibition in February allows those who missed the show to immerse themselves in #DAMUR’s high-end and exclusive style. The designer is set to redefine the intersection of fashion, technology, and creativity at Berlin Fashion Week, transcending boundaries and setting a new standard. 

A special thank you from #DAMUR goes to our AW24 Sponsors and Partners: 

NIO, Jägermeister Germany, MSI Germany, Seamm, Berlin Fashion Week, SHEGLAM, Pacquo, Jing Lekker, RICHBOI 周譽 and Atlas Solutions Protection & Training.

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