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Escape Adulting at 25hours Hotel Indre By | FAB Experience

25hours Hotel Indre By designed for a perfect escape from adult responsibilities, immersing guests in a youthful atmosphere
Image: 25h Indre By /Stephan Lemke/Assembly Hall

In the heart of Copenhagen’s bustling metropolis, the 25hours Hotel Indre By stands as a testament to the fusion of history, art, and relaxation. Housed in a 19th-century building that once served as a porcelain factory and later a university, this unique hotel offers a playful escape from the demands of adulting. Let’s take a journey into the exciting world of 25hours Hotel Indre By, where the pursuit of knowledge meets the art of relaxation.


Historic Roots

The hotel’s roots delve into Copenhagen’s past, with a 19th-century building that witnessed the evolution from a porcelain factory to a centre of education. Today, this historic structure serves as the canvas for a vibrant tapestry of art and knowledge, creating an environment where guests can escape the day-to-day and embrace the extraordinary.

Eclectic Room Categories

Image: 25h_IndreBy_StephanLemke_Rooms_Gigantic

With 243 rooms ranging from Single, Medium to Gigantic, and huge, the 25hour Hotel Indre By caters to every traveller’s needs. Each room category boasts its own unique charm, whether it’s the music-infused Vinyl Room or the cosy haven of the Love Library. Hidden gems are scattered throughout the hotel, inviting guests to embark on a journey of discovery within its walls.

Social Spaces

The NENI restaurant and Café Duse stand as vibrant hubs where hotel guests and locals converge to socialize. These spaces offer not just culinary delights but a chance to connect with the city’s pulse. The hotel’s central location, between the iconic Round Tower and the trendy Kobmagergade shopping street, ensures that the city’s treasures are within arm’s reach.

Wellbeing Oasis

On the first floor, a spacious wellness area welcomes guests to unwind and recharge. A modern fitness studio, complete with gym equipment and yoga mats, invites fitness enthusiasts to maintain their routine. The outdoor sauna, complemented by indoor and outdoor loungers, provides a peaceful space for deep relaxation, offering a refreshing break from the urban hustle.

Image: Sauna/StephanLemke

Seek & Find Souvenirs

The quest for the perfect souvenir is simplified at the 25h Things shop next to reception. Unlike traditional souvenir shops, this curated space showcases handpicked items from local businesses. Unlike the usual Denmark-imprinted trinkets, guests can explore a selection of unique products, including Soeder cosmetics, canvasco and FREITAG bags—the same quality items found in their hotel rooms.

Image: LoveLibrary/StephanLemke


At 25hours Hotel Indre By, the motto “I can’t adult today” becomes a playful reality. From historic charm and eclectic rooms to social spaces and wellness offerings, this hotel transcends the ordinary, inviting guests to embrace the extraordinary. It’s not just a place to stay; it’s a whimsical escape where every corner tells a story and every moment invites you to forget about adulting and simply enjoy the enchantment of Copenhagen.

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