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True love. The SPALATO Spa Holistic Wellness Concept

The SPALATO Spa Holistic Wellness Concept

Based on an immersive holistic wellness concept, the SPALATO Spa is an exquisite representation of true love. Of the harmonious interplay of opposing forces, the delicate equilibrium between relaxation and vitality. Equipped with high-end treatment technology, professional experts, and luxurious facilities, the spacious spa boasts an impressive 20 x 8 indoor pool, a breathtaking outdoor pool, two plunge pools, two whirlpools, two Finnish saunas, and a steam bath – and that’s not all! There is even a private spa for those seeking that extra touch of intimate luxury.

Spalato Spa – Reception Area

Inspired by the idea of the quintessential Mediterranean spa, the style and décor incorporate the Dalmatian joie de vivre side by side with a sense of ultimate peace and relaxation. As part of the *****Radisson Blu, Resort & Spa, the SPALATO Spa is a shimmering oasis of tranquillity, where vitality blossoms and modern high-tech treatments meet simple elegance to create one of the most sought-after spas in Dalmatia today.

Spalato Spa – Reception Area

Energy, vitality, and relaxation 

When opposites melt into each other, and when every harmonious detail, no matter how small, integrates itself into one encompassing experience of ultimate relaxation – then it must be the holistic wellness concept for integrated well-being, the SPALATO Spa is so well known for. Within its well thought-through concept, the spa incorporates an incredible multitude of treatments. 


Wellness at SPALATO Spa is all about the individual exploration of what it means to rejuvenate, to balance and to energize. The various treatments and massages, carefully tailored to your individual needs, awaken and replenish dormant energy sources from deep within. Be it a Pro Glow and Pro Radiance Facial, a nutrient-enriched detox body wrap, an intense deep tissue massages, or intermittent hypoxia-hyperoxia treatment – it all ends with that special energetic feel-good-vibe.


With the available state-of-the-art technologies and modern applications, the focus lies on individual high-class wellness experiences designed to revive the inherent vitality. HydraFacial MD®, icoone® lasers, OXYJET® and BIOTEC Facials are only some of the various rejuvenating high-end treatments available. For that guaranteed boost of vitality and rejuvenation. 


Quality time in beautiful surroundings and a chance to simply be, to let go, and to breathe – it doesn’t always have to be a full treatment plan (even though we can’t argue with the positive effects of the various high-class treatments) to get into a state of pure relaxation. Why not try excelling in the fine art of doing nothing, while ravelling in the stunning oasis of peace and tranquillity the spa provides and letting all your stress and tension fade away. Stay up to date on the newest in the world of Fashion, Arts, Beauty and Lifestyle; Follow FAB on socials.

An oasis of peace to spark your senses.

It’s not only a place to relax and contemplate, but also an opportunity for vital energy and energetic vitality to come together to form a one-of-a-kind, truly unforgettable spa experience. Level up in the gym or calm down with a quiet yoga class. Go all out on your treatments or look within in the quiet and calm all around. 

Open daily for guests of the *****Radisson Blu, Resort & Spa as well as visitors, the SPALATO Spa embraces the Dalmatian lifestyle and incorporates the best of what the region has to offer into its very essence. The spa’s signature treatments are inspired by the three main elements of Dalmatian nature – water, stone, and air – represented by the crystal blue Adriatic Sea, the rocky limestone coast, and warm salty air. For a treatment worthy of an Emperor.

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