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“ALTER-EGOS” A Better Mistake Presents Genderless FW ’23 collection

ALTER-EGOS" A Better Mistake Genderless FW '23 collection

“ALTER-EGOS” A Better Mistake presents a preview of their genderless Fall/Winter ’23 collection and their latest series of see-now-buy-now drops amidst a seven-act live performance directed by movement designer Macia Del Prete and guided by the sound of Berlin-based multidisciplinary artist Metaraph.

A Better Mistake, built on the Latin word “alter ego,” meaning “another self,” encourages the visionary power that collectives can achieve and strongly believes in creative contamination, dialogue, and shared visions. The event, which took place at the brand’s headquarters in Via Fusetti 8, Milano, started in an industrial atmosphere with bass-free sounds, and the choreography evolved as energetically: distorted synths, laser lights, and sharp percussion alternate to represent the dynamism of the creative process and the formation of personal identity.

No Mistake, No Innovation

“Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new,” says Albert Einstein. The seven-act play explores how the individual’s multiple identities serve as a powerful vehicle for creative expression. The  performers choreographed by movement designer Macia Del Prete, stand on a monolith of mirrors with colours, silhouettes and fabrics changing dynamically over the course of the acts, embodying the conceptual direction of the collection: just as light bursting through a prism generates colours, the reflections of the dancers generated by the mirrors symbolise different identities.

Exploration of Colour Groups in A Better Mistake

Prismatic reflections and disruptive electronic sounds become guiding elements of this exploration, while the colour groups of the collection worn by the performers represent the attributes of a different identity. The yellow signals extroversion, red for passion, pink for childhood, and black represents introspection, to arrive at the sum of the individual’s different identities. Also, the silicone masks conceal the identity of the performers, who will tear them off in the last act, revealing their own selves.

Collaboration with Berlin-based David William

For this collection, A Better Mistake decided to co-design two unique dresses with Berlin-based label DAVID WILLIAM. The clothes are oversized to give maximum freedom of movement, and the overlapping of different volumes comfortably protects the body. In keeping with the brand’s commitment to social responsibility, materials are also sourced from warehouse trash, such as the tartans used in the suits and skirts created for people of every gender and identity. Also, the collection is almost exclusively produced in Italy, minimising transportation, and the cottons, leather, and coats’ wool are all recycled. Join the Fabl’style Community today for premium pecks on fashion and lifestyle.

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