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A Glimpse At VORN’s Debut Fashion Show, Roles Models


For many Berlin Fashion Week 2023 guests, the debut fashion show of VORN – The Berlin Fashion Hub, themed “Role Models,” was a standout. The VORN Fashion Show curates and editorially presents the best of national and international sustainable fashion. It emphasises diversity and collaboration to mirror the contemporary zeitgeist. The show features pieces from major commercial brands as well as pieces from Berlin designers and smaller independent brands. In addition, all participating brands were subjected to a quick sustainability audit by the Studio MM04 team. Discover fantastic content on sustainability in the most recent issue of efab.

Orientation and Inspiration Behind The Vorn Fashion Show

At a time when there is a lot of uncertainty about the next developments in politics and society, role models are needed for orientation and inspiration, and the fashion industry must undergo a profound shift in light of today’s major challenges. The fashion show draws inspiration for the styles shown on the catwalk from role models. Current and former role models and influential personalities are explored, and diverse perspectives on fashion and style are presented, including, among other things, sexuality, sustainability, courage, and diversity. According to the organisers, “the show’s goal is to present a picture of current and future trends that oscillate between utopia, dystopia, and reality.” Here are some highlights from the Vorn Fashion show at Berlin Fashion Week.

The show is produced by Studio MM04 (concept), Julius Forgo and Tanya Forgo-Mettler (styling), David Kurt Karl Roth (music), Anna Franke (production), RM Berlin (casting), Joachim Baldauf (visuals), Florian Müller (communication), Prof. Nicole Timm, and BSP Business School Berlin students.

Boglioli Returns To Its Satorial DNA, Autmn/Winter 23/24 collection
Boglioli Returns To Its Satorial DNA, Autmn/Winter 23/24 collection

Boglioli Returns To Its Satorial DNA, Autmn/Winter 23/24 collection

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