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Gender Inclusivity: Gender-Neutral Fashion Trends to Anticipate in 2024

Preview of the 2024 fashion scene promoting gender inclusivity with gender-neutral styles

One of the most impressive characteristics of fashion is that it evolves. In recent times, it is even more impressive to see how the fashion industry has continually grown to become more aware of the importance of inclusivity and diversity. On second thought, fashion has always defied gender norms. The normality of men wearing draping skirts and heels in societies such as ancient Europe gives credence to this fact. Therefore, the possibility of a bright future for more gender-neutral trends could be better and more accurately appropriated to the timelessness of fashion.

We expect a more defiant approach to conventional gender stereotypes in the new year. Brands such as Zara and H&M have already launched collections that promote inclusivity. 2024 promises to be a groundbreaking era for fashion enthusiasts. Designers are set to break societal norms and embrace more gender-inclusive styles. This article will explore some gender-neutral trends that are set to redefine the fashion industry in 2024.

Here are a few gender-fluid trends that we expect to take the spotlight in 2024:

Fluid Silhouettes

In 2024, we anticipate a surge in clothing designs featuring fluid silhouettes that defy conventional distinctions between masculine and feminine styles. Designers are experimenting with asymmetrical cuts, draped fabrics, and loose fits to create garments that can be effortlessly worn by anyone, regardless of gender identity.

Bold colours and patterns

It’s 2024. You sure would need to say goodbye to the notion that certain colours or patterns are exclusive to a particular gender. We foresee an influx of more bold, vibrant colours and eye-catching patterns that defy conventional gender norms. From playful polka dots to daring geometric designs, fashion will become a tool for self-expression, allowing individuals to choose styles that resonate with their personalities rather than societal expectations.

Androgynous Tailoring

Tailoring is taking a turn towards androgyny in 2024, with designers reimagining classic suits, blazers, and trousers to be more inclusive. Expect to see tailored pieces that blend elements of both men’s and women’s fashion. This shift will challenge gender norms and offer a fresh perspective on power dressing that transcends gender lines. Stay up to date on the newest in the world of Fashion, Arts, Beauty and Lifestyle; Follow FAB on Instagram.

Gender-Neutral Accessories

Accessories are no longer confined to gender-specific categories. Brace yourselves for a surge in gender-neutral accessories that effortlessly complement any outfit. From statement watches and unisex bags to versatile hats, fashion enthusiasts will have many options to accentuate their style without conforming to gender-stereotypical expectations.

Inclusive Sizing

One of the most significant strides in gender-neutral fashion is the emphasis on inclusive sizing. Designers are recognising the diversity of body types and ensuring that their creations cater to a broad spectrum of sizes. In 2024, expect fashion brands to prioritise inclusivity by offering a wide range of sizes, making stylish clothing accessible to everyone.


In 2024, the fashion industry is poised to release more gender-neutral designs that will become trendsetters. So let’s not treat these designs as just a fleeting trend. Rather, it is a powerful movement that challenges norms and celebrates diversity and inclusivity. The coming year promises a more inclusive wardrobe, where self-expression knows no gender boundaries. Now, you know what your wardrobe should look like this year. Cheers to a fashion-forward 2024!

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