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12pm When Elegance Challenges The Barriers Of Time

The creations of 12pm jewelry come to life through evocative names that summon the divinities of ancient Greek mythology

In a universe enveloped by magic and the mysterious dance of destiny, an enthralling story is born that embraces the very essence of 12pm jewelry. The encounter between Amina and Karbo, condemned by a curse to wander between distant worlds and dimensions, has inspired an extraordinary collection that defies time and spans the realms of reality and imagination.

Separated by an adverse fate that compels them to a life of temporal and spatial leaps, Amina and Karbo have the chance to reunite only once a year, for just 12 hours, at the magical stroke of 12pm. It is in this brief and precious moment that the inspiration for the timeless jewels of the talented Michela Trento is born, blending fantasy, dream, and desire in every single piece.

The creations of 12pm come to life through evocative names that summon the divinities of ancient Greek mythology, transporting anyone who wears these jewels into a world of legends and wonders. The “Afrodite” earrings, handcrafted in brass with a gold finish, capture the essence of the goddess of love, illuminated by semi-precious stones that shine like stars in the night sky. The “Athena” multichains necklace envelops the neck in a dance of short and long chains, creating a masterpiece that evokes the wisdom and strength of the goddess of war and wisdom. Details in suede embedded in a cameo resembling armor pay homage to her majesty. The “Calliope” bracelet captures the essence of the muse of epic poetry with hand-embroidered floral details on suede or python, while the “Danae” ring evokes the timeless beauty of the mythological princess with its geometric-shaped cameo. Completing the collection are the “Dioniso” ring, symbolizing the allure of the god of wine, crafted in bronze with a gold finish and embellished with hand-finished black enamel; the soft “Ebe” bracelet in brass bathed in gold and geometric-shaped cameos in colored suede, reflecting the youth and vitality of the goddess of youth; and the “Esra” necklace, which radiates the divine splendor of the goddess, inlaid and crafted in brass with a gold finish and a triangle-shaped cameo with precious stones.

The elements that characterize some of the presented jewels include Volterra alabaster, the stone of the gods in white color known for its easy workability, and amethyst, revered by the Egyptians for its symbolic power linked to introspection. These precious materials, combined with inspirations from distant epochs, eras, and countries, create a unique blend of art and beauty.

Each creation tells a unique and engaging story, drawn within an imaginary comic book where shapes, materials, and colors become integral parts of a timeless tale. With the innovative concept of “NoTime Jewels,” 12PM transports the audience on a timeless journey through history and fantasy, offering jewels that not only adorn the body but also narrate a story of beauty and enchantment.  Stay up to date on the newest in the world of Fashion, Arts, Beauty and Lifestyle; Follow FAB on Instagram.

Established in 2020, 12pm aims to keep the past alive through unconventional forms and materials, merging the world of fashion with a passion for art, particularly illustration and design. The aspiration of 12PM is to create a unique perspective where the past can resurface vividly, crafting each individual piece through Italian craftsmanship.

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