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What You Need to Know to Keep Your Lips Plump and Soft

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Wonder why you always get chapped and dry lips? Let’s just say it’s a wake-up call for you to be more deliberate with your care. If the lips could speak their minds, they would probably say, “I’m literally in your face, but you always go all the way around me during every care routine.” It’s not so far from the truth, you see. We are always concerned with getting all the creams and serums on every part of the face into the skin, while the lips only get the gloss and drools. Not fair. Who says you can’t be a little extra with the lips?


The skin on the lips does not have the same protective layers and barriers as all the rest of the skin on the body. There are no hair follicles, hence the absence of sebaceous glands that produce the oily substance. The protective layer here is very thin; therefore, the ability to retain moisture is very limited, which makes them prone to aggressors and damage. Also, it is out there on your face, in a vulnerable position. Due to the biological makeup and how quickly moisture is lost, you might have to do more. Shall we improve your lip confidence?


  1. Do Not Lick

I think everybody is addicted to this. The tongue is so close by, so why not?. Lip-licking is not good for your lips. Saliva contains acidic compounds for digestion, and these enzymes will dry out the lips faster than you think. Rather than lick and leave them dry, keep a gloss near.

  1. Clean After Eating

Do not lick after eating; clean instead with a wet napkin or rinse with water. Food residues might contain ingredients that may act as irritants to your lips, causing them to dry out and chap. Cultivate the healthier habit of actually cleaning the lips after eating.

  1. Exfoliate 

Remove the dry, crusty layer to reveal the fresh skin. The lip care routine should start with gentle exfoliation. Nothing takes effect on dead skin. This also helps to plump the lips a little. You can use anything from a lip sugar scrub to a chemical exfoliant. Whatever works for you.

  1. Hydrate and Seal

Yes, you can hydrate your lips. Coat your lips with a layer of humectant, like hyaluronic acid. It simply supplies the needed extra moisture.Remember,r you use what works for you. To keep the moisture in, shea butter or petroleum jelly will come in handy. It’s best to use them at night, as the skin loses more moisture during sleep.

  1. Reapply Your Gloss

Always keep a lip gloss or balm in your purse or pocket. The lips are a busy duo; eating and talking get the gloss off quickly, so you might want to reapply as soon as they start to feel dry. Here is a good hack: apply the emollients before your gloss or balm for more effect.

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