Welcome to the Marsabit Turkana Lake Festival


Africa is known as a tourist hub for its tropical features and historic sites that attract those who seek adventure. African countries are divided into tribes that together form the rich culture in each individual nation. Countries like Rwanda have only two tribes while Kenya has 42 tribes. The Turkana community is among one of the many wonderful tribes in Kenya. They are highland Nilotes located in Marsabit, north of Kenya on Lake Turkana.

There are a total of 14 communities that reside in Marsabit as well as the Turkana, these communities proposed an annual festival that celebrates their different cultures and the beauty of the land they call home. This annual event was initiated back in 2008 and features performances and traditions from all 14 communities. These communities include: El Molo, Rendille, Samburu, Turkana, Dassanatch, Gabra, Borana, Konso, Sakuye, Garee, Waata, Burji and Somali.

Welcome to the Marsabit

During this festival one gets to learn about their customs and their living conditions, you will also get to see their traditional costumes, arts & crafts, their dances as well as their traditional music. One is guaranteed an experience of a lifetime. Apart from the people, you will also get to enjoy the beauty that is Lake Turkana and its surroundings.

Welcome to the Marsabit Turkana Lake Festival

This annual event consists of a three-day festival that gives the 14 communities a chance to integrate, interact and trade. The main aim of this festival has been to promote peace among the communities. This is a festival filled with love, light and peace teamed up with the celebration of unique African culture.

Welcome to the Marsabit Turkana Lake Festival

This event acts as a tourist attraction and is recommended to anyone who is visiting Kenya for the first time. The beauty of their culture and their costumes alone will leave you fascinated and schooled on so much African history. Peace is key all over the world and a festival that promotes peace among its natives is definitely one worth everyone’s time.

all images © Friedhelm Zirkuli