In celebration of all women, around the world –

The beauty of a woman lay in her strength.
She loves unconditionally, cares and nurtures diligently.
She builds herself and others. She aspires to inspire.
She works on herself continuously to accept herself,
creating foundations for purposeful relationships.
She laughs until tears of joy roll down her delicate cheeks.
She cries her heart out too with deep emotions unspoken.
And still she gets up again, bracing herself and moves forward.
The occasional weight on her shoulders unbearable yet her strength rolls over.
Forgiveness and determination are her secret.
Who is she?
– A daughter, a partner, a wife, a mother, an auntie, a godmother, a grandmother, a sister, a friend and more, an anchor to hold onto.
I know women like this.
You know a woman like this, with integrity.
My neighbour, helper and mentor…

Together we are strong.

A woman who stands up for herself’ stands up for other women.
Happy international women’s day!

-Harriet Hala



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