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Healthy Canvas

They say it’s wiser to start a healthy lifestyle of eating right and staying physically active in your 20’s.  The very same can be said for skin care: It’s smart to focus on maintenance early, rather than to become a first-time skincare addict later in life.

With that in mind, skin care standards change like seasons. Today, products are tailored to cater to a variety of skin types, skin tones, and ages. One thing is for sure though, it is definitely advisable to seek the medical advice of a certified dermatologist before you embark on a skincare journey. This helps you to know what kind of skin you have and which products and practices are best for you, as well as the products and practices to avoid.  

There are a couple of basics to keep in mind; breaking a sweat through physical activity and maintaining a healthy diet can be very good for your skin. Drinking lots of water is also extremely beneficial.  You are what you eat and most times, if you consume a lot of junk and greasy foods, your skin will show evidence of these unhealthy habits. It is important to treat serious breakouts as seriously as any other ailment, especially if you can’t seem to figure out what, exactly, is causing your skin to react the way it is.

Certain products are very important as part of your beauty routine. Keeping your skin hydrated and moisturized throughout the day is key. You should cleanse and tone on a daily basis. Purchase cleansers and toners that are prescribed by skin care experts or your local dermatologist. Cleansers and toners help to brighten your skin tone, clear your skin of dead cells and maintain a healthy glow.

Masking is also a good way to achieve a clear and bright complexion. Some prefer to mask every day, although it is advisable to use clay masks twice a week and use your sheet masks every day. Keeping your skin care masks in the fridge to keep them cold is good for your pores, and in the summer heat, they can have a refreshing cooling effect, as well.

Technical equipment, such as electronic cleaning brushes, portable steamers and face rollers are almost like a cult favorite at the moment. These machines help to do the job a lot better, as well as aid in proper blood flow and circulation throughout your face. The roller, if used after moisturizing, can help in lifting and firming over a period of time.

When it comes to moisturizers, serums followed by a cream are the best way to go for maintaining a youthful appearance of baby soft skin and a supple healthy glow.  A variety of brands, from luxury to drug store, have some of the best serums and moisturizers on the market. Some of the most popular skin care brands include L’Oréal, Lamer, Neutrogena, Garnier, Summer Fridays, Pixie beauty, and BiOrdinary, among many more. All these are trusted brands that have been properly reviewed in the beauty industry.


Regardless of how effective these products are, keeping it simple and using natural products will always be beneficial. Kitchen ingredients such as turmeric, honey, buttermilk, yogurt, cinnamon, lemon juice, and egg whites have been known to produce excellent results without the harsh chemicals found in many manufactured skin care products.


It’s all about preference when it comes to skin care. What matters most is that you spend time on quality care. The secret to flawless makeup is a healthy canvas and that requires real dedication to your skin.

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