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Naschmarkt’s Epicurean Delights to Enjoy at Genuss Momente, Vienna

Colorful display of Naschmarkt's epicurean offerings at Genuss Momente, inviting food lovers in Vienna

Genuss Momente, located in Vienna’s famous Naschmarkt, is a food stall specialising in fine delicacies. The Naschmarkt is a large market in Vienna’s city centre and has been around for over 100 years. With around 120 stalls, it is the most well-known market in town. From fresh fish and meat to exotic spices, fruits, and vegetables, it is a haven for food lovers.

FAB L’Style visited one of the stalls, Genuss Momente, to have a taste of their fine delicacies. Genuss Momente, which means enjoyable moment, is, as its name suggests, really an enjoyable moment( stall). Genuss Momente provides patrons with an unparalleled dining experience characterised by exquisite flavours and impeccable service. Whether seeking refuge from the city’s chill or basking in the warmth of sunny days, the stall offers a welcoming retreat with both indoor and outdoor seating options. In the middle of the market, amongst the buzz of the many stalls around, the shoppers and tourists are lazzly strolling through and marvelling at all the different offerings, and with some, you can even have a taste on the go.

FAB Experience

Our recent visit to Genuss Momente was a journey of culinary discovery. We opted to dine al fresco to savour the specialties curated by the stall’s expert chefs. And, to also enjoy the treat of a picturesque tableau of Naschmarkt’s amusing ambiance, with shoppers and tourists meandering amidst a sea of stalls, their senses tantalised by the myriad aromas wafting through the air. Stay up to date on the newest in the world of Fashion, Arts, Beauty and Lifestyle; Follow FAB on Instagram.

As we settled in, we were greeted by a delightful selection of drinks, including a crisp Nagel rosé (Ausrian wine) and a refreshing Pellegrino lemonade, setting the evening for an unforgettable culinary experience. Our anticipation peaked as a lavish platter arrived at our table, adorned with an array of tantalising treats, from succulent cold cuts to artisanal cheeses, sun-dried tomatoes, mini-stuffed paprika, artichokes, olives, and a drizzle of fine olive oil. For exclusive update, Join the Fab community now!

Highlights of our visit

One of the highlights of our dining experience was the stall’s extensive cheese selection, featuring varieties sourced from Austria, Italy, France, and Greece, each boasting its own unique flavour profile and culinary heritage. Complementing the cheeses were an assortment of sausages and cold cuts, including prosciutto, salami, mortadella, and spiced turkey, providing a glimpse into the diversity of European charcuterie.

Genuss Momente also offers patrons the convenience of home delivery, allowing them to savour the stall’s delectable offerings in the comfort of their own abode. Thus, our visit not only provided a feast for the senses but also presented an opportunity to curate a bespoke selection of epicurean delights to enjoy at leisure.


All in all, Genuss Momente promises an experience—whether seeking a leisurely meal amidst the market’s exciting ambiance or indulging in a curated selection of delicacies at home—that goes above the ordinary. We give it a 7.5/10.

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