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Electric Blues & Tiers In My Musicsphere

The relationship between fashion and music is inevitable. However, the bigger challenge comes when it is time to highlight both artistic disciplines that are mutually dependent yet in competition with one another without compromising either.

Despite the grand role that style plays along with the power and attitude it represents within music’s contemporary culture and life, I have discovered that my fashion’s fire is an ‘unsung hero’ behind the scenes and action of my music stories. The nature of the trans-artistic offering in the creative world is necessary yet complicated, but somehow we have to figure it out.

As I flow through the Covid-19 lockdown, I have been spending time going through my fashion archives bit by bit, analysing every reason of each fashion item’s existence. Going through this process, I came across an endless spectacle of gowns and this one caught my eye before I could proceed further.

Allow me to reintroduce to you an unsung hero; a signature statement piece I designed specifically for my ‘Whatchyu Know About Her’ Music video to highlight one of the roles of the woman I depict in the music video’s storyline.

Her name is Elektra. Her electric shade of blue strikes the eye while bringing forth sophistication and power to her persona; a vibraçao only you the wearer and Elektra can relate to. She is lined in soft blue silk, she is electric blue and she is beautiful. Elektra’s association with electricity communicates energy, action and excitement which is the frequency she transmitted to me on our first date.

One morning after my head tailor ‘Sam’ had spent countless hours and days carefully crafting her together piece by piece to finally release her into the world of fashion, I got to the opportunity to meet her. As I carefully and gently lifted her up onto my arms, I headed straight for my boudoir where she was gently placed. The golden moment had finally arrived for me to experience this belle robe as a mixed set of emotions; anticipation and excitement arose all at once.

I slowly slipped into a classic pair of electric blue Sergio Rossi stilettos that I deemed the perfect pair to hoist my derriere. Once I was heeled up, I slowly grabbed Elektra closer to me so I could begin the long-awaited fitting experience. Swiftly, I pulled down the zipper and at that point, my show began.

From the bottom-up, I let myself in one leg at a time and Elektra obliged without putting up a fight. After all, it was the beginning of a love affair, not war! As she glided higher through my mid hip section, I started to feel the body hugging tightness weave in. Higher and higher she caressed my body embracing every inch along her journey all the way to the top.

We were now headed to the upper part of the gown; a connection which would reveal the summary of the relationship we had just started building where the truth would set us free. This was either the beginning or the end of her glide up my brown skin but the truth of the moment was yet to be revealed.

Now that every part of Elektra was intimately bound to my body accentuating every single curve, it was time for me to lock her in by zipping her up. So up went the zipper and finally, just finally, she stole my heart. I stared at her on me as she sat tight so effortlessly in chic and this is the moment that revealed Elektra belonged to me.

“God is good and so is his creation.” I thought to myself. From the gown, through to the workmanship along with the detail, the fit and how Elektra made me feel when I had her on.

Even though the sweetheart neckline has never been my cup or tea nor my glass of wine, it’s particularly flattering form accentuated my rarely-exposed collarbone as my hips went cha and my trail evoked within me a sense of ‘goddess.’

That was the first and only fitting with Elektra as I gently unzipped her to take her off my body. The process of letting her go so I could slip back into my green bell-sleeve maxi I had been wearing for the day prior to our rendez-vous felt like 419. I felt cheated but unfortunately, the time had come to say goodbye until our next date.

Her colour blue brings forth her trustworthiness and reliability so that when you have her on, you feel safe and most of all, beautiful. Contrary to the 1870s Victorian dresses which featured tiers often made of different fabrics in different colours, Elektra’s tiers are all blue of one and the same gown evoking a sense of vogue.

Due to the nature of my relationship with fashion, Elektra luckily understands the power of versatility. From the day fashion gave her life, she knew that she would be reincarnated as soon as I finished shooting my music video.

As we take a glance through fashion’s history, some fashion pieces exist as memorable creations for the set, stage or music videos with no lifespan left to explore beyond, however other pieces settle into the culture to become noteworthy, referential and lasting. More seldom than often, there are others that have created an entire genre of musical fashion movements leaving behind a distinct mark in history.

When I was finally ready to shoot this music video, I had a chance to electrify my bond with Elektra which came alive in magnificence, however this has been my opportunity to showcase her sass. My Elektra has created room for evolution through upcycling while standing out in each lifespan offered to her. Here comes the upcycled version of her second life to show her off again in a different light. Look out for her third life span coming up on the blog soon.

I sincerely hope Elektra’s story will give her the attention she deserves beyond her feature in “Whatchyu Know About Her.”

Be safe and stay fabulous.

Yours fabulously,

Liz Ogumbo-Regisford

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Part II: The Environment begins at home

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Fashion-Icon: The Face Mask

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