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Chef Khalifa Dampha and His Fusion of Flavours and Memories

Chef Khalifa Dampha and His Fusion of Flavours and Memories

In an exclusive tête-à-tête, we delve into the origins of Dampha Kitchen, explore the delicate balance of honouring tradition while embracing innovation, and unravel the tantalising journey that awaits within the pages of his upcoming cookbook. Chef Khalifa Dampa’s story testifies to how food, beyond being sustenance, is a vessel for unity, memories, and dreams.

Fab: Could you share the genesis of Dampha Kitchen?

Chef Khalifa Dampha: I embarked on this culinary journey during the lockdown. It was a period of exploration, self-improvement, and new beginnings. This prompted me to establish my new business, Dampha Kitchen. While everyone enjoys food, my mission goes beyond taste; I present history on a plate.

genesis of Dampha Kitchen
Credit: Stefan Joham

FAB: How do you ensure that the cultural heritage and historical significance of your dishes are honoured and preserved in your fusion creations?

Chef Khalifa Dampha: I cook from the heart, drawing from the teachings of my mother that I grew up with. Then, I infuse my own creative twists. If the taste is captivating, I put it on the plate. It’s not exclusively Gambian or Spanish; it’s a fusion, a blend that people relish and revel in.

Credit: Stefan Joham

FAB: With inclusivity gaining prominence in the culinary world, how do you cater to the preferences of all diners?

Chef Khalifa Dampha: Today, many are embracing veganism. To meet this shift, we meticulously source the finest ingredients globally for our vegan offerings. Traditionally, African cuisine steers clear of butter and milk; our dishes are predominantly meat- and fish-based. Nonetheless, we have an array of vegetables and ingredient variations. Given the substantial vegan community in Austria, I seamlessly substitute with vegetables like plantains, cassava, and more. The response is wonderful, as these flavours are often novel to many.

Khalifa Dampha and His Fusion of Flavours and Memories
Credit: Stefan Joham

FAB: From your experience, what role does food play in uniting people?

Chef Khalifa Dampha: We don’t just sell food; we sell memories. Our customers might not instantly resonate with the flavours of our fusion cuisine, but they’re captivated by the ambiance, the energy, and the amalgamation of diverse cultures. It’s a space where people create lasting memories, embrace freedom, and realise their dreams. The restaurant is owned by a black entrepreneur, yet it attracts patrons of all ethnicities who come to experience a shared good time. This synergy fuels the brand’s success.

what role does food play in uniting people?
Credit: Stefan Joham

FAB: Where do you primarily source your ingredients from?

Chef Khalifa Dampha: I have a penchant for spices, particularly those from Asian and African origins. Our offerings go beyond the conventional salt-and-pepper palette. The spices give the culinary experience a splash of culture and place.

FAB: You are planning on publishing a cookbook. Can you give us a sneak peak of what readers can expect in your cookbook?

Chef Khalifa Dampha: It will be like a small history book of ingredients, recipes, food, and also about me.

Credit: Stefan Joham

FAB: What advice would you give to aspiring chefs who are looking to make a name for themselves in the culinary world?

Chef Khalifa Dampha: I would advise them to learn from people who are already doing well. Not to copy, but to learn and be original. Define what you want, why you want it, and the kinds of dishes you want to serve. It’s a challenging landscape due to fierce competition, but if you do the original, people will feel safe and comfortable with you. If you love it and are passionate about it, you should at least try. Try Austria’s Best Cafes: Top 4 To Make Your Trip Memorable.

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  • FAB: What’s your favourite ingredient?
    Chef Khalifa: Peanuts and Okra
  • FAB: What’s your favourite colour in the rainbow?
    Chef Khalifa: Blue
  • FAB: If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?
    Chef Khalifa: Basmati Rice
  • FAB: What’s your favourite fragrance?
    Chef Khalifa: Louis Vuitton-Ombré…
  • FAB: What is your favourite dish to cook?
    Chef Khalifa: African
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