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Body Grooming For Spring: Make the Grand Entrance

Selection of body grooming tools and products highlighted for spring rejuvenation and care

Do you want to make a grand entrance like in the commercials, but into the spring? The one where time slows down a little and you walk in slow-mo, skin glistening in the sun, a quick pause to give the camera a wide smile, and brush off an invisible hair or sweat from your forehead. Wouldn’t that be something worth experiencing? The best way to make a grand Spring entrance, like a movie star, is to revisit the things we overlooked or indulged in during the winter. We had layers of clothes to keep our secrets. It’s time to turn up the heat and get rid of the layers. Body Grooming!

Body Grooming Starts with a Good Shave/wax

First, groom the human furs. Now that the extreme cold weather is over, we can do without the extra body hairs for spring. Get a good shave or beard cut, and shave the stray and excess facial hair. It’s the start of the ‘less clothing’ season; book a waxing appointment before the lines get all jammed up. 


Those feet need some breathing space. Thank goodness for spring. If the feet could speak after a well-deserved pedicure session, they would say a million thank you. There won’t be any grand entrance with clawed-up dirty feet. It removes the enchanting feeling of the moment. We want to see some clean feet in those sandals and heels.

Skin Check

After the cold weather and the dry indoor heat, the skin needs some rejuvenation and revitalization. There shall be no walking into Spring with a dull skin full of layers of dead, dry skin. A spa appointment for head-to-toe care at the beginning of the season will jumpstart the transition, coupled with a few swaps with skincare products. Stay up to date on the newest in the world of Fashion, Arts, Beauty and Lifestyle; Follow FAB on Instagram.

Oral care

Remember the part where you flash the camera with a big, beautiful, wide smile? Good. It’s perfect if you have great oral health going for you, but a check with the dentist would not be bad. There is no such thing as looking too fab, is there? We are making a grand entrance anyway.

Hair Check

I am quite sure winter has done a number on your hair, just like it did on your skin. Sometimes, no matter how hard one tries to maintain a balance of moisture, the extreme weather conditions tip the balance. I like the sound of a good salon day. Let’s bring back the shine, give the scalp some treats, get a trim, or get a totally new hairstyle. Maybe a new hairstyle—what do you say?

Scent Check

The spring season is all about newness, beginnings, and growth. Talking about newness, the grand entrance would be incomplete without a fresh fragrance. The skin is bright and milky, the nails are perfect, and the hair is great; you’ve got to crown it all by smelling like spring. Welcome to Spring! Explore A Step-by-Step Guide to Building Your Own Signature Scent.

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