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Plan an IWD themed outfit with the colour purple

Creative display of a purple outfit laid out in celebration of International Women's Day, highlighting the significance of the color.

Unarguably, the colour purple is the colour for the season. It’s the international month for women, Lent season, and spring is right at the door. Although there is a school of thought that says that perfection does not exist in reality, I think Oprah found the perfect title for her film. There’s something about the colour purple; it is prevalent among the three theme colours of IWD and universally recognised as the symbol of feminism and women’s rights. 

Think of this as your style

The colour purple connotes intriguing meanings. Back in the Roman Empire, purple was an expensive colour to wear. Due to the rarity and price of the dye, it was reserved for the noble and wealthy. Today, the colour represents royalty, bravery, luxury, power, ambition, and wealth. What a sweet coincidence it is that purple also happens to be the liturgical colour for the Lenten season, a symbol of pain, suffering, sacrifice, and mourning. A bitter-sweet colour, isn’t it? 

My Outfit Pick for International Women’s Day

This ensemble is what I’ll call a Baddie in Purple. You are at liberty to play around with the colour wheels with the different shades of purple, but there’s one acceptable result, and that’s to look fab. Stay up to date on the newest in the world of Fashion, Arts, Beauty and Lifestyle; Follow FAB on Instagram.

  • Outfit: 

For the main outfit, I’ll say a properly tailored pant trouser, corset, and blazer. For me, it’s a mixture of bossy, stylish, and baddie. The pants and the blazer should be a deeper shade of purple than the corset.

  • Footwear: 

There are other days to slay the heels. Today we will do the boots or sneakers.

  • Hair

Cornrows put into beads are my personal favourite for kinky hair. If not, style your hair straight or curly. Wear it down. Beauty Essentials Every Fashion Forward Woman Should Have In Her Collection

  • Accessories: 

Wristwatches, bracelets, rings 

Let purple be an acknowledgment of the sacrifices made by the female gender, a symbol of nurture, and an ode to the propeller of races. Let purple represent the travails of motherhood and the undaunted pursuit of ambition. Wear purple as a royal; bask in the regality of the colour.

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