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Shanghai Designer JAREL ZHANG Brings Dancers On Runway As Models For MFW FW 24/25

Shanghai designer JAREL ZHANG uses dancers as models at MFW FW 24/25

Following his passion for art and after having made the previous presentation surrounded by painters, for this FW24 collection, Jarel Zhang brings dancers on the stage as models.

Inspired by the Universe and the story of the asteroid felt on Earth in 2008: Catalina Sky Survey 8TA9D69TC3, better known as TC3, the designer wanted to create a universe giving the idea of a timeless ride through the Space by delivering some poems. Those presented in the final press release are a declaration of love, a message shared with humans and E.T.

Here, the designer expresses his idea of having no boundaries through his communication. He wants to share and learn. Full Story: FERRARI FW24 Fashion Show | The Body. The Energy. The Light

The timelessness goes through this collection, the designer mixed textures, shapes and colors adding new silhouettes meantime recycling items from the previous FW23 collection. Jarel plays between past, present and future in his artistic direction but also through his looks.

JAREL ZHANG also develops this idea by presenting his collection in Italy. For him, it’s important to exhibit in different cities.  With this in mind, Jarel Zhang insists on the absence of boundaries.

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A Stroll Through the British Countryside -Chiara Boni

Bob Marley: A Musical Prophet of Unity, Freedom, and Black Resilience
A flag symbolising Bob Marley roles of a musical prophet, standing for unity, freedom, and black resilience

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