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A Tale of Two Worlds: An Exclusive with Oluwatimilehin Adesanya, Founder of Artistry Being

A Tale of Two Worlds: An Exclusive with Oluwatimilehin Adesanya, Founder of Artistry Being

Oluwatimilehin Adesanya’s journey begins in Ibadan, Nigeria, where his creative spirit first sparked. However, it wasn’t until he moved to Austria at the age of thirteen that he could truly spread his wings. Living in the countryside posed challenges, with Oluwatimilehin facing prejudice due to his skin colour and cultural differences. Undeterred, he made the strategic move to Vienna, where the diverse environment allowed him to flourish. “I was born and raised in Ibadan, Nigeria. We moved to the countryside, but I now live in the city. It wasn’t really welcoming, and that’s one of the reasons why I moved away from the countryside to a city, Vienna.”

From Nigeria to Austria: A Tale of Two Worlds

In our conversation, Oluwatimilehin reflects on the stark contrast between city and countryside life, highlighting the struggle to express his creativity in a conservative environment. We explore deep into the intricate layers of his life and his brand.

Artistry Being: More Than a Brand, a Lifestyle

The birth of Artistry Being in 2017 marked Oluwatimilehin’s bold step into the world of fashion. More than just a clothing brand, Artistry Being is Oluwatimilehin’s medium for storytelling. The idea of me having a clothing brand was just another example of me expressing ideas through a medium that also involves storytelling. “It all started back in 2017 when I had this impulsive thought; I just felt like going out there to do something. Over the years of living in the countryside, I wasn’t able to express myself because of the language barrier. They speak German here in Austria, and it was really hard to get my mind across to people. When you build up so much tension, you have to also let it out. You have to have an accurate medium for expressing that idea. That’s how everything started.”

He sees himself as a multidisciplinary artist, using diverse mediums like design, photography, storytelling, and art. “I am not just selling a product or a brand; I am also selling a lifestyle that curates an atmosphere where you can express yourself.” His creations are proof of his rich and varied experiences, a fusion of cultures and influences.

The Launch of Artistry Being

Launching a brand amid the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2021 was no easy feat. Oluwatimilehin Adesanya, a self-taught designer, faced hurdles in selling his products. “In 2021, there was still Covid going on… People were more concerned about their health than buying clothes.” However, his resilience shone through as he learned the art of presenting his brand and creating a distinct identity beyond just designing clothes. The struggle became a lesson in product presentation and brand image.

He emphasises that Artistry Being is not merely a brand; it’s a lifestyle that fosters self-expression. Describing himself as a “software designer artist,” he highlights the diversity in his work, spanning clothing, accessories, home goods, and art. Each piece tells a story, blurring the lines between fashion and art.

Cultural Influences: A Blend of Nigeria and Austria

Oluwatimilehin’s dual cultural background plays a significant role in shaping his approach to fashion. Living in both Nigeria and Austria has allowed him to draw inspiration from diverse sources, blending African and European elements. He reveals an upcoming collection dedicated to Nigeria, a homage to his cultural roots.

For him, success is not just about product acceptance but also inspiring the next generation. “Success for me is more like getting to the point of me being able to release a product that will be accepted to the people.” His vision for Artistry Being goes beyond fashion and aims to be a catalyst for positive change.

In this exclusive chat, Oluwatimilehin predicts the rise of boots, especially those with an outdoor vibe, as a dominant trend in 2024. He also anticipates a fusion of materials in jackets and the emergence of soccer-inspired dressing with innovative designs. Stay up to date on the newest in the world of Fashion, Arts, Beauty and Lifestyle; Follow FAB on Instagram.

Oluwatimilehin offers a glimpse into the future, teasing the Winter 2024 collection. This upcoming release will feature an exploration of boots and footwear, expanding his portfolio as a designer.

Personal Style, Fitness, and Skincare Rituals

Oluwatimilehin Adesanya’s personal style is a combination of functionality and comfort. Remarkably, he exclusively wears his collections, showcasing his belief in the brand. In skincare, he keeps it simple yet effective with a routine involving a serum, moisturiser, and cleaning foam. Despite a hectic schedule, he prioritises fitness with home workouts. Push-ups, squats, and abdominal exercises form the core of his routine, emphasising the importance of staying active and maintaining a balanced body.

Fun Zone: #FabFastFive

  • FAB:What’s the Nigerian food that you love to eat but haven’t eaten in a long while?Timilehin: Pounded yam and Egusi
  • FAB: Music or movies?
    Timilehin: Music. It’s a safe space for me.
  • FAB: Runway fashion or street style?
    Timilehin: Street style.
  • FAB: Being in Austria, what is your favourite place to visit?
    Timilehin: Zell am See 
  • FAB: Where is that favourite place you’ve visited and would love to visit again?
    Timilehin: Nigeria, Paris, New York

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