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Elegance transcends mere style at BEVZA AW24 Runway Show, New York

Models displaying the timeless elegance of BEVZA AW24 collection on the runway at New York fashion show

Ukrainian Institute of America, New York, BEVZA, a Ukrainian brand, remains committed to expressing its rich cultural and historical heritage. The collection pays homage to Ukraine’s significance as one of the largest grain-producing countries globally, while elegance takes centre stage, embodying the brand’s core values and cultural mission.

Grain, a fundamental element, serves as a symbolic representation of Ukraine’s cultural wealth and resilience. BEVZA endeavours to spotlight these values to a global audience through its meticulously crafted fall-winter 2024 collection, produced entirely in BEVZA’s atelier in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Elegance transcends mere style at BEVZA; it reflects a strategic approach to clothing, viewing each piece as a valuable investment. The neoclassical, high-quality pieces presented in this collection are poised to become timeless classics and essential additions to any wardrobe. Stay up to date on the newest in the world of Fashion, Arts, Beauty and Lifestyle; Follow FAB on Instagram.

The collection’s aesthetic foundation is rooted in the stability and clarity of the square shape. an architectural form prominently featured across all BEVZA collections.

From evening to everyday elegance, apron dresses appear down the runway made from eco-leather, costume fabrics, and viscose, which exemplify the versatile fabric use of BEVZA’s designs. The cut is taken from a real apron to accentuate the metaphor of ‘we cook bread.’

The a-shape cut of the coats is inspired by the traditional 19th-century Ukrainian coat called the ‘kozukh.’ dedicated to supporting Ukrainian artisans, the ‘kozukh’ coat is handmade from sheepskin, and the ’tisto’ vest (Ukrainian name for dough) is hand-knitted to showcase the texture of raw bread, including the ‘kosa’ bread pattern (Ukrainian name for braid).

Building upon the brand’s iconic use of grain in their signature spikelet jewellery and bag hardware, this element takes on a new life in BEVZA’s designs as a clothing clasp holder as well as in their latest jewellery collection.

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