Art Through the Lens of FAB L’Style: Derya Allüşoğlu Öcal

Born into a viral world by the achievements of our time, where technology and communication options have changed rapidly, numbing our senses and alienating us from true, eye-to-eye interpersonal communication, Derya Allüsoglu Öcal’s art “speaks” of love.

She tells of feelings, thoughts, dreams, hopes, desires, wishes, impressions, observations, events, and situations of the  conscious and unconscious perceptions, the visible and the invisible. They all merge into a larger, more holistic truth.

Our eyes, the windows of our soul…and our lips, symbolising communication, play an important role.  Her works are an encouragement to see, to recognize in oneself and to communicate with one another.  However, this invitation is not limited only to individuals. Nature, as well as feelings, thoughts and events, also has a face, which she humanizes through her specially invented symbolic figures, bringing them to a human level and thus confronting man as a subject equal to nature.

The figures and symbols are reduced to the essentials. It is an inventory of moments – sometimes happy and sometimes sad – represented with very simple lines that carry the message of love as a way of being and as a solution for worldly drama. Her works are partly depicted as processions in the most intense colors, where no Turkish eye is missing against the evil eye, which symbolizes protection for love, as well as for the world and the universe.

Since the themes of the human being are always repeated, no matter in which time, culture, or socio-cultural environment, some multi-dimensional works are also compiled by the artist into an endless, ever-recurring story, which in turn reveals new patterns, images, messages, and in part, also some scientific findings.

Thus Derya Allüşoğlu Öcal, in her paintings, invites the viewer to take on different perspectives and to see people, situations and the nature of life, not as one-sided, but rather to develop different views in order to attain a higher understanding.

While the viewer observes her works, one simultaneously yields and is challenged by the figures of Derya Allüşoğlu Öcal. The symbolic figures of her art communicate their stories and messages silently and face the viewer as an independent spiritual subject.

Artist: Derya Allüşoğlu Öcal

Instagram: deryaocalofficial


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