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Who is Ahmed Al-Aradi? – How a huge sneaker collection inspired Ahmed Al-Aradi to become a fashion designer.

Who is Ahmed Al-Aradi? FAB L'Style

Ahmed Al-Aradi is the founder and designer of CHIBA Clothing. Born in Saudi Arabia and at the age of four immigrated to the Netherlands. Both his mother and father were hard-working entrepreneurial people.  It made of Ahmed, a man with a dream, a mission. Instead of completing my study at the University Applied Science in Amsterdam I decided to grab the once in a lifetime opportunity to follow my dream, starting my own company. Now known as CHIBA clothing. Talent you can’t be taught, knowledge can be learned anytime.

At one point Ahmed became a huge sneaker collector. Gradually he developed a need for a look, fashion that he couldn’t find readily available in the market. He felt fashion needed more than a twist. Men’s clothing, in particular, needed something more. Ahmed decided to create what he was looking for, his own fashion collection called CHIBA.

Ahmed believes inspiration is all around us. We just have to see. Both online and especially offline there is an abundance of inspiration waiting to be seen. Architecture, culture, music, arts but also swag he sees in popular artists etc. Basically, everything and anything that has a link with creativity or has to have been shaped, feeds ideas. It’s somewhat strange… invisible and very much visible at the same time.

Ahmed presents his style on Instagram, social media, the new way to approach fashion-interested. His designs are for anyone and everyone who can or wants to dentify him/herself with it. If they have an eye for detail and can appreciate the effort that went into the making they can love it and see themselves wearing it.

Quite a few celebrities in the Netherlands and beyond wear CHIBA’s collections which of course means a lot to him. To name o few: Chris Brown, Ali B (NL), Lil Kleine (NL), Winne (NL) and even soccer players like Mariano Diaz Medjia (Real Madrid) and of course a broad set of online bloggers and vloggers choose to wear his collections.  

CHIBA’s SS18 collection will be head-to-toe tones, vertical stripes, comfy joggers, lightweight biker jackets, hoody’s with metal Chiba arrow in nice sporty colours. 

CHIBA’s FW18 will stick to the head-to-toe styles and our stripes will be set in winter tones beige, brown, with shearling jackets en parka’s…the rest as you can imagine will be a surprise! 

Ahmed’s dream is to become internationally known, recognized figure in fashion, working in collaborations with artists such as P-diddy – Drake – Jay-Z and Kanye West.

Ahmed likes to share his personal note: ‘everything your mind can think of can be created, everything you can feel can be worn and that what you imagine you will become. 

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