“Accidental Wes Anderson” – Pastel for the win!


Think Pink!

Watching a Wes Anderson movie is like saying goodbye to your sense of reality and dive into a world that is filled with pastel colours, to-die-for scenery and (let’s be honest) even more pastel. Not only are his stories fairy tale like stories of simple and ordinary people that at the same time are surprisingly outstanding, his choice of location and scenery is now starting to define an entire generation. It was only a matter of time for an Instagram account to be born that would dedicate itself to the outstanding screen maker. Little did I know, that it would actually turn out to be so fantastic like “Accidental Wes Anderson” (and that there would be so many shades of pastel pink, but then again, that could also be only me).

The genius man, that deserves our gratitude is Brooklyn born and raised Wally Koval, who calls himself an “Anderson Fanboy” (you don’t say) and started the Instagram account thanks to a subreddit dedicated to sharing Andersons’ related places from all around the world. Carefully curated from countless submissions, Koval has a keen eye for symmetrical images with the certain touch of pastel and the special something that makes palace turn into the “Grand Budapest Hotel”.

The only thing is left to do is scrolling through “Accidental Wes Anderson” until the release of his latest movie, Isle of Dogs.

Wes Anderson
© Accidental Wes Anderson / Valentina Jacks
Wes Anderson
© Accidental Wes Anderson / Dan Sully
Wes Anderson
© Accidental Wes Anderson / Archigram Melbourne
Wes Anderson
© Accidental Wes Anderson
© Accidental Wes Anderson / Gabor Lositz
© Accidental Wes Anderson / Victor Cheng
© Accidental Wes Anderson
© Accidental Wes Anderson / Winnie Ariane
© Accidental Wes Anderson / Johnny Kerr
© Accidental Wes Anderson / Enkulturant