Date: August 2020

As an extension of my “Blues and print,” the Liz Ogumbo signature “Boubou”dress is already a must have but what makes it even more versatile is the ability to stock up on a variety of the same style and then wear and pair differently by switching your layers and accessories all-year and all-

As a nomadic butterfly who has spread my wings and moved around the world living and travelling through different countries, I get a high when I watch others moving across the globe, traversing through different cities, countries and continents because there is power in the ability to move around an

“Beads have been used since antiquity, not only to dress the body, but as measures of value in economic and ritual exchanges. Their popularity has never waned, and in recent years their trade has enjoyed a world-wide revival. Beads have deep and multiple meanings: in many cultures, together wi

In a few words, this  SS21 collection is back to basics – focusing on Nynne’s signature designs such as the Diana dress which have been adapted since her debut season into each collection as well as leaning into the silhouettes and fabrics that the Nynne customer has grown to love si

The idea the oversized-puff sleeves in the renaissance period was taken to the full extreme over a period of a few years in the Edwardian era from about 1890 to 1899 and then it discarded quick and got forgotten. It’s popularity re-emerged of the early 1890s and once again in the 1930s as a respon

“Si tu m’enerve, je retourne au Senegal!” Right from the moment I set foot into her courtyard, she embraced me. Her name is Senegal, and she is so many things I am going to share with you on this article so you can pack bags and get ready for this trip. The one thing I […]


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