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AUTISM – Not A Disability But A Different ABILITY

Exactly. I focus on the values of the people themselves. I think that’s a big difference. I don’t know if that’s an autism trait, it might be actually. But I feel that I see the ‘realness’ of the world.

World Autism Awareness Day – Not A Disability But A Different ABILITY

The United Nations is celebrating World Autism Awareness Day. We at FABL’STYLE believe in a world inclusive of all the beautiful gifts and abilities that humanity brings. We have a strong vision of creating...

22nd of March – WORLD WATER DAY

  THE OMNIPRESENCE OF H2O From an ocean to the sea, to a lake, pond, river, stream or creek, from raindrops to snow crystals to hail. Water comes in all different shapes and sizes.  Our beautiful planet...

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