Electric cars are paving the road for high-performance automobiles that are both efficient and affordable. In a race to become the next big thing in this growing and so-far profitable industry of electric vehicles, numerous companies are working tirelessly at achieving excellent results. Here is wha

Once upon a time, it was not so common to use the commercial cleaning products that are available to us today. The entire household was cleaned with all-purpose homemade recipes created by our grandmothers. They had a few simple yet powerful methods and knew how to combine them. Without bric-a-brac,

Who know sorrow, who call out to sorrow, who wish sorrow on each other, only God knows. Yours is yours and mine, mine – what has been is still and sorrow is still sorrow. Afflicted heart, a thief in the night! Sorrow is a liar, convinces us to analyze. How crafty, no mercy, means business! [&h

A dystopia can be explained as a terrible future scenario of a tyrannical government or an environmental disaster. Otherwise defined as the opposite of a utopia, which in fact are the most desirable conditions for a community to find itself. Many artists and creators alike have depi

There’s no doubt about the crippling effect the Coronavirus has had over every industry in the world. As and when the pandemic spread, companies were led to keep their employees at home to keep them safe from the virus. When it came to choosing between their lives or their livelihoods, businesses

– GET IN SHAPE for a better life! For improved health, more energy, better self-confidence, more strength, higher performance in personal and professional life, and for a brighter mood… The key is to train daily and do it as efficiently as possible – with maximum effect for minim


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