A German in Copenhagen – Verena Schepperheyn SS18

German designer of contemporary menswear Verena Schepperheyn presented her SS18 collection at Copenhagen Fashion Week. The award-winning designer showed modern menswear fashion with a unique touch and a focus on streetwear that fits the need of modern menswear fashion.

After studying in Arnheim, Verena Schepperheyn found her eponymous label in Berlin from where she showed in Paris, Slovenia and now Copenhagen. Quickly, she gained the attention of the media, as well as her later clients. Awarded with the Premium Young Designers Award and the German Design Award, her label continues to grow and to step out into the international spotlight.

Schepperheyns SS18 collection features a selection of clean silhouettes with straight lines, meshed tops and graphic prints. From clean white styled looks to the color blocking of taupe and red, her collections show a dark color palette with shades of red, blue, grey and black contrasted with clean white. Mixing street style elements with classic tailoring, Schepperheyn approaches the young generation of fashion-interested men and their approach to menswear.

Images © Jesper Drejer Rundt



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