Catching up with Tony Cortes again

It is so good to catch up with Tony Cortes again, after FABL’STYLE’s last interview a few months ago. Tony Cortes is an international musician and solo guitarist who uses a colorful mixture of various musical elements to create his own style. He is a singing-songwriter and composer, born and raised in Montpellier, France, with a strong musical family background.

You can find link to last year interview here

FAB: We just past the year mark since the first lockdown and we are still sitting here in corona times. So what have you been up to creatively since we last inquired?

Tony: Since our last interview, I have composed new music for my new album The Gipsy Guitar, which will be released very soon.

FAB: This type of music is so powerful and invokes emotion. Is the purpose of this music is to convey a particular emotion?

Tony: Indeed the purpose of this music is to convey its emotion or Joy. And I think that’s the most important.

The Gypsy guitar is an art form, in itself, but is it a comprehensible form of music for any anyone interested? Or just for those who know its secret?

It is music that is played with my heart so it is a language that anyone can understand.

FAB: We have noticed a lot of influences in your music, like: Paco de Lucia, Gipsy Kings, Carlos Santana… , especially in your guitar playing, is this an intentional approach to the music genre or does the sound come rather from a place of tradition and culture?

Tony: I think my culture has given me the chance to understand more easily it’s great Artists, but hey who does not like these great guitarists?

FAB: Why did you decide to do solo career after working with Pablo Reyes? (A founder of the Gipsy Kings)

Tony: I wanted to do a solo career out of love for music and to be able to see other horizons.

FAB: In our last interview, FAB noticed how passionate you are about life and music. In discouraging times, what do you tell yourself to pick up where you left off creatively?

Tony: I am a very positive man and I always tell myself that after the storm there will be good weather.

FAB: What piece of advice can you give to other artists who are working hard to find their place in the music industry?

Tony: The most important thing is to always believe in your dreams, but you have to work for it.

FAB: Can you tell us about one of your greatest musical moments?

Tony: There are a lot of good times. So one of my favourite times: I was in Milano at the Latin Amercian festival with Jose Greco (the dancer of Paco de Lucia), who told me I play very well. I was very happy! Another time I was in Kaluga in Russia for a tribute concert of Paco de Lucia, it was full of great moments of sharing with the public.

FAB: Do see you a connection between music and fashion?

Tony: Exactly, these are forms of art. If you’re happy or sad it’ll be seen. The same goes for painting when you’re not inspired.

FAB: What do you suggest that artists do to get involved in these virtual times of expression? A do you see a future in online concerts and performances?

Tony: I think we have a very important role to give joy and to give love to people. Online concerts are very useful for now, but nothing can replace live concerts, because the magic is not the same.

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