Tincuța Marin’s world is abundantly embedded with fantastic lively characters convoluted in a continuous struggle displaying the potential of what good and evil can bare. Although her storytelling consists of plenty of unhumorous matters, one can say she also paints for the jest of it with unconstrained ease making the canvases “fly” in front of her eyes (given the impressive quantity of works realized in such a short time span). Her main persona, a hero, colored in bright warm yellows, encompasses a solar creature always found in a different conjuncture, mostly in a state of fight or flight.

The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Bigfoot 200×230,3cm, oil on canvas, 2020

His weapon of choice: the dagger. Flattened surfaces entangled with condensed areas of vigorous colors reflect the dynamic between the strain and release states found in the character’s journey. The apparent primitive appearance of Bigfoot relates to a long history of animal belonging, while the aura represents the divine dimension man can reach by assuming the godlike features of the gifted Creator. Informed by Romanesque and Renaissance sources, arched doors and windows are an abundant motif in the way she represents architecture, and if you would have to guess (considering the remaining surroundings of the compositions), there’s a pretty good chance that Picasso and Picabia played an important role in her development. Although it can be easily confused, not all painters love to paint. Some of them struggle. In the writer’s conception, or better said, out of inference, the artist in question has an insatiable love for the craft of painting.
Text by Eugen Roșca and Daiane Pop.
40x40cm, oil on canvas mounted on woodpanel, 2021
40x40cm, oil on canvas mounted on woodpanel, 2021

Photo credits for the portraits belong to each individual photographer and courtesy to Jecza Gallery and for the works each work has it’s description in the title, photo credits belong to Marius Poput, Courtesy Jecza Gallery


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