The New Yorker Perspective – Small Town Girl Following Her Big Dream

Tyra Stina

When I was a little girl, my future me and I established a promise. Together we would, as we called it, do the impossible. I started wearing high heels before I could walk. I started choosing my own outfits before I could talk. And I started reading magazines before I could actually read.

Yes, that creepy person has got a name, Tyra-Stina. I’m a (soon) 21-year old small town girl who grew up in a petit harbour village in southern Sweden. My big interest in fashion, styling and writing has always been a big fact. After graduating high school I was so hungry on life I barely couldn’t stand up without scoffing chips. During my first year as a free bird, I tried everything from working in kindergarten to being a telemarketer and standing behind the register at H&M. But Sweden didn’t make me hungry enough.

New York has always been a big dream. It all started when I was 7 years old and casually browsed through a daily newspaper. The main section was about two girls in their twenties who moved to New York to fulfil their dreams. At the time, it was actually all I could understand out from the article, but still, it sparked a big interest in me. The second after, I called my mom. I said ”Mom, I’m going to move to New York someday”.. she gave me the look and a pleasant smile since I came up with one new big dream every day or even every hour. But for that certain time, I knew mum was wrong. I cut out the article from the paper and hung it up on my blush pink wall. The day before I left my little hometown for New York I looked at that article and whispered a big, fat, thank you.

To me, there has always been a particularly special mystique that surrounds people who live their dream. Because, if you really put a finger on it, there’s no one else that stopping you from doing whatever you want, than you.

New York keeps my hungry enough. Here’s always a new line to cross or a higher level to reach. This city also force you to be honest with yourself – honest about who you are, who you want to be and why you should have a spot in this world.

What’s your impossible move?

Tyra StinaTyra Stina Tyra Stina

Photography and Text / Tyra-Stina

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