Having the monthlies, surfing the red wave or simply referring to THAT time of the month, every woman has her own lingo to refer to her period.

THE source of all life

Without the female cycle, human life would not exist. There would be no conceptions nor births, no writer to phrase this article nor readers to pick up its information. This recurring process of women shedding the top layers of their uterus, resulting in them bleeding on average of 5 days a month, is invaluable and indeed the source of all life. 

How come though that menstruating – one of the most natural things there is – is something that many women feel uneasy to talk about, even feel ashamed of? By many it’s perceived as a nuisance rather than a blessing, they curse it rather than praise it. This is a pity. 



So much more than just blood

Many associate periods with physical discomfort and drastic hormonal fluctuations, influencing a woman’s mood and eating behaviour. Though periods also have a HUGE impact on other areas of all our lives, not only that of women (and the men living with them). 

After centuries of shunning women for their monthly bleeding in some cultures, modern medicine now realised how precious a liquid it is indeed. It has recently been discovered that it contains valuable stem cells. Since a woman spends on average 10 years of her life menstruating, it’s a potentially unlimited source for stem cell research, used in regenerative medicine. On top of that, it’s inexpensive and easy to collect. So misconception of menstrual blood being ‘unclean’ can be put out of people’s minds once and for all. 

What is unclean though are many commercial products that are being sold and used by women to aid them during ‘their days of the month’. Annually 200 000 tons of sanitary pads and tampons, comprised of non-recyclable plastic, contribute to pollution.

Unclean too are the chemicals contained in the non-organic cultivation of cotton which, next to plastic, is the other main component of sanitary products. This can cause disruptions in the endocrine system, resulting in serious health problems of a physical and/or psychological nature.


more to come …

Let us embrace and celebrate the mystique and beauty of the female cycle, honouring and acknowledging it in its entirety. Certainly, it’s not always a piece of cake (though cake oftentimes is what we crave), though denying its importance and existence is not a sustainable solution. Sometimes a few simple hacks such as adapting your dietary or lifestyle habits can have a great impact on how you experience your menstruation. 

Stay tuned as the next few weeks we will dive deeper into this fascinating topic. We will share ‘the good, the bad and the ugly’ truths, endeavouring to bring light to all areas of life that are impacted by the female cycle. 

It’s not a topic that should be shunned but one that ought to be brought to dinner parties! For the spreading of awareness is the source of FAB new ideas and concepts to be born, helping to make this world a more inclusive place, celebrating LIFE with all its colours, including red. Period. 




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