Slavic Minimalism – bobkova. AW18


The Eastern European and post-soviet countries experienced a rise of interest on the fashion radar with the emerging of Gosha Rubshinskiy and the post-soviet skater boy style of Vetements. Swiftly, established design houses such as Burberry and Balenciaga jumped on the wagon. Giving these until then rather untouched market a platform, Ukrainian Fashion Week has become one of the hotspots where talents from the countries industry proof their relevance on the international fashion market.

Christina Bobkova presented the latest collection of bobkova., exploring the finesses of minimalistic fashion. Showing a collection that plays with the shapes of the human body and intentionally focusing on mixing fitted pieces with oversized elements, she brings out a timeless collection of standout pieces, that adds beautifully to everyone’s wardrobe. bobkova. AW18 shows a held back colour palette with a high focus on details and cuts, making every piece a beautiful addition to everyone’s wardrobe.

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Slavic Minimalism - bobkova. AW18 Slavic Minimalism - bobkova. AW18 Slavic Minimalism - bobkova. AW18