Skin care myths you have to stop believing ASAP!

This is a new segment here at FAB L’Style, that emerged after having long conversations with my friends about skincare myths and the stuff we see and hear all the time that are, well, not true… So prepare to jump in and bust skincare myths with us, three at the time!

The best facewashes leave the face tight and squeaky clean

NO!!! I wish you could hear me scream through your screen!

If your face feels tight after cleansing, I am sorry to deliver this news to you, but you are doing it wrong. Having that squeaky clean feeling its sign that the skin was stripped of basically everything: good lipids, water and of course, the impurities. Even if your peachy skin friend swears by some random magical lavender soap from the South of France, just do me and yourself a favour and please don’t listen. Go to the pharmacy or to some cosmetics shop and ask for a low pH cleanser without any fragrances, sulfates and basically all the crap some companies put on their stuff. French Pharmacy brands are amazing in these formulations as well as some K-Beauty brands.

We recommend:
CosRX Low pH Good Morning Cleanser; available here.
La Roche-Posay Effaclar H Hydrating Cleansing Cream; available here.
Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser; available here.

Skin care myths you have to stop believing ASAP!

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I am always inside, I don’t need SPF or It’s winter I don’t need SPF.

No. Just no.

There are two types of UV rays: UVA and UVB. Sure, UVB rays (the ones that can burn your skin) are not that strong during the winter months, but UVA rays (wrinkles!) are here all the time, all year. Now get ready for the terror flick: UVA rays can penetrate your windows and are actually the number one reason for skin ageing. And if you are here reading this, the blue light from your screen is also guilty as charged. Sure, all of the other stuff like your lifestyle, smoking, food, genetics have a responsibility on skin aging, but daylight has a huge contribution. So, start putting that sunscreen ASAP as wrinkle prevention. If you are worried about that horrible white cast, there a couple of options here that have none so you don’t skip your SPF. Just think of us when you are 50+ and fabulous. You’re welcome!

We recommend: 
CosRX Aloe Soothing Sun Cream; available here.
Neogen Day-Light Protection Sun Screen SPF 50; available here.
Clarins UV Plus UV+ Neutral; available here.

Skin care myths you have to stop believing ASAP!

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‘My skin is oily, I don’t need a moisturizer’

This is not true and not okay.

Let’s use myself as an example, I was at war with my skin exactly because of this. I am an oily skin kind of girl in summer, and combo during the winter. Sure, oily skin doesn’t need super heavy products and greasy stuff, so I thought altogether, ‘I will just skip that’, genius right?! 20-year-old Ana was a total rookie and clueless about skincare. True to be told, my skin was dehydrated AF and all I needed to do was to get some nice water-based moisturizer to keep it calm. What I mean is: if you hydrate and moisturize, you give the information to your skin that all is good and it doesn’t need to produce more oil. This is not magic, it’s just science. Keep your skin hydrated and it will not produce huge amounts of oil. Unfortunately, there is not a formula for this, or magical products, you need to search for what makes your skin the happiest. These are some example of stuff that worked for me during the summer time.

We recommend: 
Benton Aloe Propolis Soothing Gel; available here.
CosRX Oil-Free Ultra Moisturizing Lotion; available here.
La Roche-Posay Effaclar MAT; available here.

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