Mihano Momosa

FABL’STYLE is proud to introduce to you the glamorous world of MIHANO MOMOSA. Read further, get inspired and dare to BE the most authentic expression of yourself.

There is this exciting potential within each and every one of us, to turn dreams into reality. It is an innate ability, that we have utilised many times before but never thought, that there will come a time when this trait would become a survival tool. The whole world was asleep. Everything turned silent and we found ourselves deprived of the human touch, and of the closeness. All of a sudden, reality was too much to handle. In this almost hypnotic state, we were all aware of the world around us but we had no power to interact with it, let alone change it. All that we were left with were our dreams. But then, the human spirit awakens. The resilience and optimism woke us up. Dreaming is great, but there is a life that needs to be lived. Out of the blue, we were wide-awake, ready to cross the frontiers and once again adapt to the world, and adapt the world to us.

Ideas just came, as if they had a will of their own. We remembered what it felt like to create something meaningful, to turn thoughts into tangible objects that serve the sole purpose of bringing beauty into the world. And we remembered who we were.

And so, the Awakening collection stands before you. It is a manifesto of our loyalty to a dream. It is a promise that there is hope and that the connection to ourselves is not lost. In this collection, we used nature as an inspiration very directly. A lot of floral motives are a symbol of nature awakening. The blue, yellow and blush colour awaken all the senses. As we acknowledge, that comfort is still much needed, flowing, lightweight fabrics were used and there are a lot of loose cuts, oversized jackets and wide-leg trousers. We played with head accessories and created hats that round up the looks in a sophisticated way. And of course, a lot of feathers were utilised.

For the first time ever we introduced bright yellow, as it reminds us of a Phoenix rising from the ashes, the myth that we all need to remind ourselves about. An ode to a dream. An ode to reality. This is what this collection is. One is incomplete without the other. So dream on. Wake up!

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