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Attention, JOY lovers!

​As Valentine’s Day moves ever closer, JOY Bomb London (by artist Amy Broch) returns to 48 Brook Street to take over the window again at Illuminate Productions with a pink and crimson confection of an installation, ​Love Letters to JOYself. Dripping with melty chocolatey goodness, boy band vibes and cherry-red energy, it’s here to remind you to save some red-hot burning love for yourself this year.

This time around, Londoners can expect to be passed by JOY Bomb’s very own digital pop-up van which will encourage you to spread sweet nothings and messages of gratitude to your first love: YOU. With 2021 starting at a low JOY rate, Valentine’s Day this year deserves a big celebration, and that celebration is YOU.

Body to body contact is at an all-time low, and our hot lips may be hidden behind masks, but JOY can’t be caged. It bounces out of windows and rolls under doors, leaving wet, juicy cherry bombs of happiness wherever it touches down.

For Valentine’s weekend, the 13th and 14t​h of February, JOY Bomb London will be driving around the capital spreading the love, with its digital message board, sharing letters and gratifications of LOVE & JOY to all those who deserve and need it this year – yourselves!. Over the weekend, the digital van will be taking the city by storm, painting the streets with fluffy hearts and kindness through the use of art.

JOY Bomb London wants everyone to give themselves some love and would also like to thank the hard workers of the NHS and care homes for their selfless work over Valentine’s weekend.

So blow yourself up with compliments, stroke your own ego, buy yourself that thing you have been longing for and throw a log on your own JOYfire. We want you to worship at the altar of YOU and appreciate yourself for the magnificent, formidable creature you are. Start by picking up a pen and writing a love letter to yourself.

We’ll go first:

Hey, Self,
You smell delicious. (Even when you don’t shower.) Kisses,

JOY Bomb London encourages the public to share their ‘Love Letter to Yourself’ with them to publish on their platforms (with your signature or anonymously) by direct messaging @joybomblondon on Instagram or email

JOY Bomb London also encourages everyone to share their ‘Love Letters’ by tagging @joybomblondon and #lovelettertoJOYself​ in hopes of inspiring others to do the same.



About Amy Broch & JOY Bomb London

After Broch’s husband Sean’s 2018 ALS diagnosis. The couple began exploring every treatment available in order to treat and slow the progression of the disease. Learning that happiness was linked to better treatment outcomes and longevity for ALS patients was a big moment. Suddenly, the colourful, playful installations Amy had been creating and experimenting with for years had a greater significance. The drive behind each multi-sensory installation to date is to make the memorable moments happy ones. Proceeds from every installation support the Healey Centre for ALS in memory of Sean, who passed in May of 2020. It is the largest hospital-based research program in the world and supports early-stage trials of promising ALS treatments.

​Editor’s notes:

●  Submissions for ‘Love Letters’ will be received from 30t​ h​ January to 17t​ h​ February via ​@joybomblondon Instagram DM and via email by submitting it to ​

●  The digital van will circle central London on Saturday, 13t​ h​ of February and Sunday, 14t​ h​of February

●  JOY Bomb London will share messages on Instagram between 11th-15th of February

●  JOY Bomb London will aim to pass NHS hospitals in its loop

●  To request the van to your hospital or care centre, please email


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