DE(SIR)Eing Jean//phillip


Mastering the fine line between the highest form of menswear tailoring and bringing contemporary influences into it, Danish designer Jean//phillip revealed his latest collection, DE(SIR)E, a celebration of merging traditional tailoring with strict military cuts. 

The collection features fitted pants, tailored military-style blazers and military jackets in grey, black and white highlighted with electric blue. Jean//phillip mixes elements from uniform fashion, marine style and classic menswear into contemporary menswear. A recurring element is the barret which he combines both with fitted pieces like a uniform style blazer as well as oversized coats and jackets. His reinterpretation of the classic working-class overall into a fitted jumpsuit is vicarious for the entire SS18 collection.

Jean//phillip started off as a minimalistic menswear label with a couture approach towards menswear, always focusing on well-tailored pieces and an experimental mix of materials like silk, cashmere and blended leather. With every collection, he brought in different variations of styles reinterpreting them with his signature tailoring, asymmetric cuts and daring aesthetic. While always exploring the nuances of avant-garde fashion, Jean/phillip always delivers outstanding and daring menswear pieces that are surprisingly wearable also for a rather conservative client, such as his tailored pants and shirts.

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