How do I choose the best training regime to stay in good shape, for a long time or for a lifetime, have good muscle tone, and energy, without feeling tired from exhausting trainings and miserable because of diets? There are hundreds of options for your exercise regime and all sorts of diets, but it’s still common to hit a rock at some point and we don’t feel well.  

What can we do? 

The first thing we need to understand and accept is that our body needs daily care. Just as we need to eat, sleep, maintain our hygiene, work, enrich our minds with information, or maintain our social contacts and our spirit in different ways every day, our body also needs some time in our daily routine, EVERY DAY! 

Working out on a daily basis is the key to our health and good shape!  

Regular exercise makes us stronger, with better a metabolism, better self-confidence and a positive attitude towards the world, will boost our energy level, improve our mood, control our weight, make us sleep better at night, reduce the risk of many diseases, and in general, improves our quality of life. That sounds great, right?! 


Many people think that the more they exercise, the quicker they’ll reach their fitness goals. Performing a huge number of exercises for all muscle groups, exercising every day for hours at a time and combining both cardiovascular and strength training, can result in burnout. Aside from losing all that time involved, exercising too much can result mood and sleep disturbances, a bigger appetite, weight gain and exhaustion. Everybody is different in terms of their tolerance to exercise, but doing more than an hour of cardiovascular activity everyday may be excessive.  


Has this scenerio ever happened to you? You don’t like what you see in the mirror, so you find the motivation to go training and exercising to death, then… Afterwards your exhausted for days, everything hurts, you hate training and once again tell yourself that this is not for you, starving because the body can’t recover and desperate only to eat steadily, to give up all the pain involved, and then… the same carousel ride again. 

Regular moderate exercise 

All we need is to perform less exercises, for one or two muscle groups each day. Within a week we should have covered all muscle groups: legs, chest, back, shoulders, arms, abdominal muscles. We can combine different types of training – with weights, with resistant bands, with body weight and to alternate strength training with cardio training depending on our mood, or the weather outside. Combine training for balance or stretching and practice favorite sports alone or with friends – yoga, swimming, climbing, skiing, tennis or dancing .. Sometimes we will push more, and sometimes we will just take it easy. The important thing is not to skip. Don’t push yourself too hard, or get obsessive about it. Give yourself a day off once in a while or when you need it most. Make sure it’s something you enjoy without being too strict with yourself, especially during times of illness or injury. 

Listen to your body!  

There will be some days, for many reasons that you feel weak (not enough sleep the day before, emotions, low energy levels, feeling sick or just not in a good shape), then you should slow down and make the exercises slower, lighter or shorter. And there would be some days when you feel full of energy even excessive, then you can do some more reps, or exercise a bit longer or heaver. Love the process and the time of taking care of yourself. Make it a priceless time for yourself! 


Antonia Toshevska 

& the team of GET IN SHAPE Organic Raw Bars 



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