We all yearn to have the perfect taint and clear skin that is glowing and looks healthy and young! Countless cosmetic products try to lure us with breathtakingly beautiful advertisement campaigns. The longing in us for natural products has been recognised by cosmetic manufacturers.

Some creams and gels and serums are indeed natural, using precious oils and fine extracts. Though many of us are not willed or able to spend that much money, and despite the purity of the product itself, it’s delivered in plastic tubes or glass jars that are destined to be thrown out.

In this article, we are introducing two facial masks and one face peeling with natural ingredients only. They are easy to make, free of animal products and very affordable.

Having healthy and glowing skin is not necessarily a matter of money spent on manufactured products or spa treatments. Many remedies for beautiful glowing skin can be found in your kitchen. It’s a matter of you taking the time and spoiling yourself.



All that is needed is fine oatmeal or coarse oatmeal flour and lukewarm water. Mix both ingredients for a past-like consistency. Apply the mixture to your face and let it dry.

Oatmeal has many benefits as it’s high in fibre. It contains antioxidants that help the skin repair itself and correct visible damage. Other goodies contained are avenanthramides and anti-inflammatory compounds. This mask will soothe skin that is dry, itchy or irritated and prone to acne breakouts.

Leave the mask on till it’s completely dry and you feel a tightening effect. Your face will be left with a cool and fresh feeling and skin that is smooth and soft like baby skin to the touch.

(If you want to walk the extra mile, why not buy your oatmeals in a zero-waste supermarket?)


Many of us love tahini as an accompaniment to our falafels but few know that this exquisite sesame paste not only nourishes our bellies but also our skin. Tahini is rich in thiamine and niacin. These are two B-vitamines and play essential roles in keeping our skin hydrated and in repairing damages. This mask will also give your face a healthy glow, it also fights off free radicals, therefore slowing down the ageing process.

It’s important, that you purchase pure sesame paste free of any other ingredients (some Tahini brands contain salt which would be damaging for your skin). Of course organic quality is the best! Just put a thin layer of tahini on your face and leave applied for approximately 10 min. Gently wash it off with lukewarm water. Avoid rough towels and excessive scrubbing.

Why not enjoying carrot and cucumber sticks dipped in Tahini while waiting for the mask to dry?



Many of us wear make-up live in cities where our faces are exposed to pollution. It’s essential that we deep-clean our skin in regular intervals.

For this recipe, three ingredients are required: coffee grounds, olive oil and honey (the last can be omitted if you want to keep it vegan). Whisk together all ingredients and apply the paste to your face. Use your fingers to work the mixture on your skin, making circular motions.

The health benefits of these three ingredients are numerous, some of them are:

  • anti-ageing benefits
  • acne reduction (by killing off certain bacteria)
  • moisturizing & hydrating
  • antibacterial & antiseptic properties
  • full of antioxidants & vitamins


It (almost) goes without saying that the better the effect is the purer the ingredients are. We recommend using organic quality.

(If you don’t have coffee grounds at home, why not pop in at your local coffee shop and ask the barista to fill up a home brought container for the exchange of a generous tip?)

Do you have face mask recipes for yourself? Share in the comment section – sharing is caring! FAB hopes that you enjoy experimenting with these recipes. Let’s all spoil our faces so that we can continue to brighten the world with glowing smiles!



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