book - pandemic world show

Pandemische Welt-Schau“, is a 280 page collection of corona – caricatures from all over the globe, containing over 400 original Cartoons, translated into German.
Hard copy – November 2020
Red Bull Media House GmbH

book - pandemic world show

With all the worldwide madness happening, who needs a Corona cartoon book?

All those who want an outlet from crises, or believe that a sense of humour is an effective means of coping with difficult times. One could say that this book administers medical treatment because to laugh at your own illness proves that you’re not dead yet.

The virus and the measures taken to contain its spread have led to and continue to cause unspeakable suffering in many places. People who have lost loved ones or who are faced with the ruins of their livelihood will find this book of no comfort.

However, many of us can retreat to our comfort zones, and follow front row the events that have already been burned into the collective memory of mankind.  Certainly, they will be the subject of countless historical considerations to come.

The world’s population is united by a common fate, yet dealt with in very different ways. Some seem grateful for the realization that everything connects to everything or for the fact that the earth could finally breathe again. Others let fear lure them into bizarre social actions and the hoarding of toilet paper. Many looked for a trusted virologist, while others disappear into the digital fog, convinced the virus is a man-made instrument of an orchestrated new world order. From the people who claim that Corona does not exist, to the people who believe in this new way of life, that we should all overcome from a safe distance, this book does not deny a thing, does not want to assert anything, it raises no questions, nor does it provide any answers. And yet it is an important contemporary document that encompasses the pandemic outbreak, lockdown and the so-called new normal. It contains moments that cartoonists from different countries all over the world have captured. Moments that make us laugh or at least smile, that make us think and bring back some form of familiarity. After all, we were all there and are still in the thick of it.




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