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The Nautilus, Maldives

This exquisite boho-chic ultra-luxury hideaway is nestled in the stunning Baa Atoll of the Maldives, in the heart of a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve known for its rich marine life and excellent diving spots, The Nautilus is one of the smallest islands in the Maldives, with only 26 accommodations, making it a sublime tropical haven—and one of the safest, most private places to be right now. The resort’s independent spirit, unabridged seclusion, true come-as-you-are feel, and when-you-want-it policy are hallmarks defining The Nautilus’ philosophy.

The Nautilus plans to provide the ultimate Maldivian haven for guests post-pandemic to refresh their travel bucket lists after the socially distanced months of the past year, The Nautilus, Maldives delights in veering off script by crafting bespoke “once-in-a-lifetime” journeys designed just for their guests. With boundless freedom at the heart of everything The Nautilus does, the resort’s latest additions to their already impressive repertoire of experiences are for those seeking a moment of astonishment. Imagine sailing across turquoise seas to your own private beach house in the Maldives – The Mansion; or settling in for classic Maldivian big game fishing on The Nautilus special luxury boat; or diving around the 40+ world-class Baa Atoll dive sites with a great chance of seeing mantra rays and even whale sharks; or escaping to a nearby turtle reef; maybe even going for an adrenaline -fueled adventure like skydiving to jump from heights of 12,000ft above the Indian Ocean.

Guests who are looking to make a more sublime return to normality amidst tourmaline-blue Indian Ocean waters with a more relaxed and peaceful path to rejuvenation, The Nautilus’s Solasta Spa will offer six brand-new curated experiential rituals as part of their Holistic Spa Month in July wellness program. These treatments are deeply rooted in Taoist principles and embrace physical meditative sensations.

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For enquiries please contact hello@thenautilusmaldives.com or begin crafting a world of your own making by booking direct at www.thenautilusmaldives.com


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