Closed Winter 2021 – Men’s Collection

A certain kind of Zen

The starting point for the winter 2021 collection was an atmosphere. Looking at the current situation

and the recent changes, we wanted to create an antidote. “A certain kind of Zen” is the mood that

became our inspiration – a base for a positive and balanced vibe. It is all about inner stability and

comfort – keywords you will see in many ways within the collection. In this extraordinary time, we

have all had the chance to explore our inner selves, to come up with new ways to deal with a new

reality. This new reality also means staying indoors more, within our small communities – but we

also find ourselves happily wandering in nature. We might discover a sense of home in nature, even

in more extreme conditions. The new lifestyle becomes much more flexible – and pushes towards

clothing with a comfortable and very versatile approach to keep up with it. We started to mix the

idea of work, rest and play.



For the first drop, we looked at the paintings of Belgian artist Michaël Borremans. His artworks

influenced our approach towards colours, inspired soft multilayering in tonal shades and very tactile

imagery. The choice of textiles and the use of warm colours have a painterly quality. Another painter

inspired the collection: the German artist Jochen Klein. His romantic painting brings in light and




For the second drop, we loved the thought of community, the natural choice of people we gather

around us. It is not a big group of people – and it feels much more true, intimate and intense. We

let urban photography show us beautiful niches for living. Moreover, we looked into the traditional

textile craft. Soft military influences are also part of the collection. These influences result in various

soft and light “non-colours” in the collection which are combined with deeper and intense hues and

textiles. By smartening up all fabrics, washes and details, we add attitude.



The colours for the winter collection are tonal and have less contrast. For the first drop, a well-balanced

base of warm earthy shades like “American elm” and “dark lava” are paired with a soft wool white

and a warm oatmeal hue. Two shades of blue, soft Dutch porcelain and dark teal (we call them partners)

mix in gently. For the second drop, two shades of beige find partners in deep greens: “fir green”

and “Sacramento green”. Black heightens the intensity of the colour palette and adds a more formal

aspect. Naturally, navy and grey mélange are present in both drops.



The pants confirm the soft indoor approach – either through the established trend of a drawstring

belt or in the shape of elevated, still youthful track pants in must-have new qualities: brushed cotton

stretch and upgraded Italian woven wool set the pace. Certainly, the Comfort Cargo pants are the

key fit of the season.

Closed Winter 2021 –

Men’s Collection


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