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The Asymptote of Simone PELLEGRINI

Simone Pellegrini's first personal artwork displayed by MARIO MAURONER CONTEMPORARY ART following his successful solo exhibition at MUSEC Museo delle Culture in Lugano

After his successful solo exhibition at the MUSEC Museo delle Culture in Lugano last year, MARIO MAURONER CONTEMPORARY ART is showing the first personal work of the artist Simone Pellegrini, who was born in Ancona (Italy) in 1972. 

Pellegrini’s works are unique monotypes on a parchment-like paper, hand-colored with charcoal and patinated with oil on paper. 

His pictorial research aims to find a new alphabet or syntax consisting of shapes and characters that he prints on large sheets of paper using the matrices he creates.” The catalog for the exhibition “An Archaic Geography” further states: “The sources of his creative inspiration are philosophical, mystical, scientific and poetic writings that question and liberate the imagination of his inner world.  

Each paper matrix created by the artist, drawn with charcoal, colored with pigments and finally oiled to allow the correct realization of the motifs, forms a single form, is used only once and then thrown away, creating unique elements. The characters printed on the large sheets form, side by side, visionary and timeless cartographies, reminiscent of mystical iconographies, archaic landscapes, cosmogony, ancient alchemical, esoteric and mythological codes. Pellegrini’s great maps are the slow development of a symbolic grammar in which each element enters into a dialogue with the others”. 

The surface of his works is constructed and characterized by a superimposition of papers. Impression after impression, unstable forms appear, in full metamorphosis made of a matter without memory open to the possible to come. 

It is a continuous attempt that renews itself in imperfection and even in reiteration the difference is celebrated. Liberating each image, transcolouring them, creating new relationships, consuming each accorded meaning and finding that the signs retain a mutual attractiveness. 

Abstractions flourish, contagion increases and each element becomes, alters until it loses its resemblance to place itself in a visionary distance. Stay up to date on the newest in the world of Fashion, Arts, Beauty and Lifestyle; Follow FAB on Instagram.

The asymptote is this – always being in unbridgeable proximity, it is the development of a gamble played as far as the eye can see

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