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ESSĒN The Label Launches Debut Jewellery Collection 

A model wearing ESSĒN The Label Jewellery Collection 

The much-loved, responsible footwear brand debuts a new jewellery collection designed to complement their bestselling footwear styles.
ESSĒN The Label’s jewellery collection will comprise four handcrafted earring designs: The Disc, The Drop, The Huggie, and The Hoop, all of which will be available in locally sourced, 100% recycled 18-carat gold vermeil and 925 sterling silver.

The Drop Earrings have been carefully designed with a seamless clasp system that enables the earring to also adorn the brand’s newest style, The Evening Sandal. This added versatility takes this summer sandal from daytime chic to party-ready in the evening.

Quick info:

  • The earring collection will be available for pre-order starting September 12th, exclusively on essenthelabel.com
  • Available in 100% recycled 18-carat gold vermeil and 925 sterling silver.
  • Prices range from £99 to £249 

The dual wearability of the new range is aligned with the brand’s sustainable approach to design, where quality over quantity reigns supreme, encouraging customers to buy less and choose better. The collection will be available for pre-order, and, as always, the practices and materials are all verified by transparency platform Renoon. The widget was introduced on the brand’s website earlier this year to further improve their transparency and traceability efforts.

“Even though fashion is one of our most personal forms of self-expression, its path from concept to creation rarely reflects our values. ESSĒN was founded to realign this relationship with a permanent collection of ethically made, no-compromise staples: timeless classics that are reimagined in new ways that feel chic without any effort. Alike all our products, the new jewellery line is made of certified metals, under full transparency, and with lifecycle responsibility,” says Marre Muijs, Founder and Creative Director.

Handcrafted by skilled artisans using locally sourced and 100% recycled precious metals, the collection features sensual and versatile pieces designed to reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible and be passed down for generations to come.

About ESSĒN 

Marre Muijs founded ESSĒN The Label in 2016 with a vision of a world free from fast consumption. ESSĒN encourages people to buy less, choose better, and wear longer. Muijs aspires to simplify women’s wardrobes by helping them consider what they really need and edit out excess. That’s where the name comes from—essentials. At ESSĒN’s core, there is the belief that the future of fashion is rooted in transparency, circularity, and inclusion. That’s why the brand is committed to timeless design, on-demand, and small-batch production, minimising their impact every step of the way.


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