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Mindset of a Champion, Michael and Christine Alois Wagner

Mindset of a Champion, Michael and Christine Alois Wagner

In fitness, the power couple Christine and Michael Alois Wagner have made a name for themselves. Michael, a former athlete, is a worldwide lecturer in quantum theory and medicine, a mental coach, and a visionary; he is known as the world’s largest fitness influencer. Recently, Michael Alois Wagner was inducted into the Hall of Fame of Bodybuilding in Los Angeles, making him the second Austrian to receive this honour after Arnold Schwarzenegger. He is recognised for his exceptional work in sustainable health and fitness.

Christine, also a former athlete from Austria, has made a mark in marketing with a focus on self-promotion. She holds seminars and coaching sessions for individuals and businesses worldwide. Together, Christine and Michael founded and manage the salutogenesis-focused organisation Q-loungfit – Institute of Health, with ten locations in Austria and Italy.

Fabl’style Crew recently had the honour of sitting down with this dynamic duo, delving deep into insightful conversations about bodybuilding, fame, healthy living, diet, business, romance, and their ties to Hollywood. The depth and breadth of their knowledge and experience are sure to captivate any reader seeking inspiration for their own health and wellness journey.

Fab: You are fabulous and endearing. What drew you to bodybuilding? Was it to impress anyone?

Michael: As a young man, I had a strong inner desire to grow physically and mentally.

Fab: Did you have any bodybuilding role models as a child? And now that you’re a bodybuilder with a Hall of Fame ranking, are there any active bodybuilders you admire, and if so, why?

Michael: At the age of 18, I had the privilege of meeting Arnold Schwarzenegger personally in Munich. At the time, I was slender and shy and didn’t have much energy. Just seeing him and his extraordinary appearance and magnetic attraction took my breath away. I had only one thought at that moment: something extraordinary can emerge from my life and from my body.

As for active bodybuilders, I admire anyone who has the dedication and discipline to compete at the highest level of the sport.

Fab: What has been your most memorable experience in bodybuilding so far?

Michael: I’m meeting Arnold Schwarzenegger in Munich for the first time.

Fab: There seems to be a connection between endurance and bodybuilding. It is inspiring to exercise to stay in shape, not minding the pain. Would you say that a connection exists between physical fitness and a sound mind? Has your mindset also been impacted?

Michael: According to the motto “Mens Sana in Corpore Sano,” there is no success in any sport, including bodybuilding, if the mental attitude is not 100% focused on it. Mindset plays a crucial role in bodybuilding, and vice versa.

Fab: What is your opinion on the widespread belief that all bodybuilders use steroids? Is that even true?

Michael: It is difficult to give a straightforward answer since most people with their level of knowledge have no idea what steroids are or what effect they have. During my time, as well as today, these substances were only available in Austria under medical supervision and were not relevant to me at that time.

Fueling Your Body: Bodybuilder Michael’s Diet Tips for Beginners

Fab: Diet is an essential ingredient in bodybuilding. What inexpensive protein-rich foods would you suggest for a beginner bodybuilder? Or, even better, what is your diet approach?

Michael: The simple rule of thumb is: more training, more power, more food. More combustion from optimised fuel produces the best energy. Proteins are essential for maintaining our healthy cell structure. I still drink two protein shakes a day after 44 years. For me personally, it is extremely important to have found a hybrid of normal food and vegan food. My protein shakes today are vegan and made with a special mushroom creation of the highest quality and purity. The name is B.Up Focus.

Fab: Interesting, but what distinguishes a bodybuilder from a typical gym rat? Moreover, who were your training buddies?

Michael: Anyone who does any sport more intensively does bodybuilding. Bodybuilding means body formation. The difference between a fitness enthusiast and a bodybuilder is that a bodybuilder trains 100% of each individual muscle group focused on a goal. And shapes his body like a sculptor into an optimal figure. It is also important to realign your mind again and again. My training buddies were Helmut Dollfuß, Manfred Grössler, Walter Stückler, Andreas Münzer, and Franz Haas from Austria, and Tom Platz from the USA.

Fab: Do you currently train anybody, given that your profile states that you are a former bodybuilder?

Michael: I train only for myself and travel all over the world with my extraordinary network to promote an optimal transfer of knowledge for healthy bodybuilding.

Michael’s Hollywood Connections: From Hosting Stars to Acting Aspirations

Fab: You have been appearing frequently with Arnold Schwarzenegger and other Hollywood stars; can you tell us about your connection to Hollywood? Are you considering pursuing an acting career?

M&C: We have made many friendships with actors and other celebrities over the years. Everything is possible in the land of opportunity, so an acting career could easily become a part of our lives. As Jen Bricker’s motto goes, “Everything is possible.” Stay up to date on the newest in the world of Fashion, Arts, Beauty and Lifestyle; Follow FAB on socials.

Fab: We know that you have previously hosted Hollywood stars in the Salzkammergut, including Douglas Farrell from Game of Thrones and even Arnold Schwarzenegger. Could you tell us more about that?

M&C: We have very close friends in Hollywood, some of whom are celebrities. We were asked by an Austrian organisation called “Dancers Against Cancer” if we could invite some named stars to visit Salzkammergut. My wife, Christine, did not let this opportunity go to waste, and she contacted our friends, as well as Roland Kickinger (an actor and fitness model who played Arnold in his biography) and Douglas Farrell (Game of Thrones, Star Wars), and organised the entire trip to Austria. We took them to visit the Lippizaner horse farm in Köflach, the Arnold Schwarzenegger Museum in Graz, and, of course, a historical trip to Vienna with all the sights.


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